Talk Fusion is Easy to Use

I have discussed the concept of video communication across the board with people from different professions, and just about everyone agrees that Talk Fusion is among the best in video communication software. I believe that most adults in the workplace are impressed with the fact that Talk Fusion gives them the ability to create customized video emails. Most of the other things that this company does like online video hosting and videoconferencing is not new, but the video email concept is a mind blowing communication software tool.

There are a large number of people that have become interested in what Talk Fusion does because it is very easy to use. When it comes to technology there are a lot of people that want the easy road. They’re not interested in trying to figure out complicated steps that will delay the process. To the contrary, people that want to use this software are going to be interested in programs that they can simply buy and start trying within a couple moments after they have made their purchase.

It worked very well for me because I am in charge of an IT division. I’m not interested in getting any type of software that is going to take a a lot of training for the end-users. That is why I actually prefer Talk Fusion in the workplace. It was easy for me to bring this product to my supervisor because it is innovative, but is also very affordable.

Talk fusion has really a hit in our office because there are people that are in charge of the monthly newsletters. In the past I’m not sure how well the newsletter was received, but I can only assume that a personalized video message from the company president each month is received much better than the previous emails that did not have any video.

Many people that work in our office are fans of the video conferencing software that is available. This is
easier for me as an IT administrator because I don’t have to download any type of plugin to make this video conferencing work.

The founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Watch him discuss Talk Fusion below and check him out on Facebook!

There Are Ways to Make Those Carbohydrates You Eat Better for You


Carbohydrates always get a bad rap for making us gain weight, but according to Sergio Cortes our bodies do need some of them to function normally and be healthy. Ideally, we should exercise regularly to burn off excess carbs, but there are also things we can do when eating carbs to reduce any negative effects from them such as the spike in blood sugar they are known to cause. Eating more whole grains is the most frequently recommended way to get our carbohydrates in a healthier manner. When eating whole wheat bread or brown rice instead of the white varieties of these two staples, the body takes more time to break them down, which is good news for our waistlines.

As pointed out in a recent article in, there are also things we can do in terms of how we prepare and eat our carbs that can help to reduce any negative effect from them. For instance, cooking rice in coconut oil and then letting it cool can reduce the calories from it by half. Another tip is to eat bananas slightly unripe as they take longer for the body to break down. Leftover and reheated pasta has also been found to have a smaller effect on increasing blood sugar as compared to when it is freshly prepared. A few tips like these, with more in the aforementioned article, can make a major change in how carbs impact our bodies while helping us stay healthier and stave off dreaded weight gain.

Sergio Cortes On The Road To Save Xerem

Xerem Brazil has been affected by floods for the past week, and many people are relocating to stay at the municipal shelters. The state government has also initiated a dengue hydration center which has been running on Sunday with the ability to serve the capacity of 300 persons in a day. Sergio Cortes visited the area on Sunday to analyze the situation. Sergio is a professional doctor and the state secretary of health. He is concerned about the health safety in the area as the area seems to have a lot of garbage all over and can be breeding sites for mosquitoes that will lead to dengue outbreak in the area.

Sergio Cortes was Chilean tennis player, and his best win was beating the words number one Magnus Larsson at the Olympic champions in Florida. In addition, he is a former secretary of Rio de Janeiro. However, his service to the state is now his great concern. From a meeting in the municipality, the health secretary agreed that another safety kit is provided and 3000 antibiotics to arm the resident against leptospirosis. Sergio and the health department in the state department have been on their toes to prevent more outbreaks in Xerem. The floods are feared to bring contagious infections with the likes of hepatitis A and diarrhea from contaminated water and an aftermath of rainfall the dengue. People with homesteads around the area have been advised against taking unbolted water.

The infections are more waterborne, and Cortes is asking for more donations from well-wishers most especially bottled water. This is according to an article published in Extra . However the team is up for daily disinfection of water, and the department of health is recommending many more to disinfect the water regularly. Sergio Cortes has also been on the recommendations to train more people around the area to be able to detect early symptoms of the diseases and cure them early enough before they spread to other persons in the area. The residents of Xerem should also remember to disinfect even the water in their tanks.

Sergio has been very touched with the spreading of zika across countries in Asia and parts of America. Cortes is also urging people on exame.abril to report zika cases immediately to avoid outspread. The main symptoms of Zika are fever and mild joint pains. Many researchers have been trying to come up with the vaccine for zika, but it might take years as Sergio thinks. His professional experience moves him to help the affected people and preventing the outbreak to avoid a disease crisis. One is free to follow Sergio Cortes on Twitter @ dr_sergiocortes and on linked in as sergio-cortes.