Martin Lustgarten Makes Investing Simple For All Clients

Clients who come to Martin Lustgarten for help are trying to see if they can get help that is going to make them more money. He is a skilled investor who has ties around the world, and he is even multi ethnic himself. He is helping people find places around the world where they can get the most profit, and he is also helping people who are trying to figure out how they are going to invest in specific things that interest them. There are a lot of interests that need to be considered, and someone who is working with Martin Lustgarten can get them all covered in short order.

The first thing that Martin Lustgarten always does is ask his clients what their goals are, and then he starts working on those goals with his investments. There are a lot of things that can be done to make life easier for people, but they all need to be sure that they are using his advice. Martin Lustgarten has been doing this for a long time, and that is why he is going to help people with all their investments including his own. He makes his own money with his own plan, and people are checking out those plans to see what can be done with their cash. The investments that are done as guided by Martin Lustgarten, and he does so with a watchful eye.

Everyone who comes to visit Martin Lustgarten will meet someone who has a very good idea of what to do with their money, and he also knows how people are going to respond when they are doing well. He will help to push people in the right direction, and he explains to people how they will have a chance to make the most money possible. There are a lot of things that clients can learn from Martin Lustgarten, and he will teach all his clients how they can earn the way that he does. He can make it easy for someone to make the most money possible, and he will give a very good explanation of how all that works.

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Securus Technologies blasts GTL for failing to uphold Integrity

Securus Technologies leads in the provision of telecommunication and technological solutions to facilitate the pursuit of civil and criminal justice. The company’s mission is to provide technological solutions that boost the safety of all society members, inmates and parolees included [].

In a press release on June 16, 2016, published on PR Newswire, Securus announced its intention to castigate Global Tel Link (GTL), [] a telecom carrier, for engaging in a series of wrongdoings while providing telecommunication services to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Addressing the issue, Securus CEO, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, observed that GTL’s actions betrayed the industry’s culture of integrity. He stated that by virtue of selling sensitive services such as inmates’ communication and monitoring to public entities, carriers must desist from profiteering. Rather, they should be driven by the noble aim of nurturing and maintaining safety in societies and efficiency in institutions [].
In a bid to promote adherence to high integrity in the telecom industry, Securus will review the Order No. U-20784-B made by the Louisiana Public Service Commission regarding the dishonorable acts by GTL. Further, Securus will condemn the regrettable actions of GTL as are outlined by the Louisiana PSC. Among GTL’s potential wrongdoings, the PSC highlighted the following;
• Compromised telephone clocks: GTL used clocks that were programmed to add from 15 to 36 seconds to each outbound call from the correctional facility
• Overcharging: GTL unlawfully charged the facility’s outgoing calls at rates higher than the PSC’s cap or the rates defined by the carrier’s tariff
• Artificial call-cost inflation: the carrier increased money paid by the facility for calls by adding hidden fees to the cost of each call
• Double pricing: the carrier billed the facility for the same calls twice
• It was established that GTL’s actions were deliberate.
• Because of GTL’s misconducts, taxpayers might have suffered an additional tax burden of over $1,243,000
Securus Technologies has remained a champion of professionalism and a pacesetter in the telecommunication industry, says BBB. With this press release, the firm sought to prompt all industry players to maintain high integrity levels in serving the public.

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WEN by Chaz Passes With Flying Colors

The Seven Day Test

Wen by Chaz has made many claims about their hair care products. They have infomercials that show off gorgeous women with their beautiful hair flowing gracefully in the wind. Many of their customers have made the claim that the WEN products are like magic in a bottle. There is on lady who challenged WEN with a seven day test. This is a hair fanatic who has thin hair. She wanted to know if WEN deep cleansing products could offer her healthy, shiny, and full feeling hair. She decided to use one of their products on her hair for seven days. This story was originally reported on Bustle. Also see;

WEN Passed the Test
WEN by Chaz did pass the seven day test with flying colors. Thin hair was transformed into full feeling, healthy, shiny, and moist hair. WEN convinced this hair fanatic. She is now a believer of the claims. She is passing the good WEN news on. The WEN claims have proved to be truthful. If you are doubtful that your hair can be enhanced, even if it is thin, you will want to try one of the many formulas that are offered by WEN by Chaz.

WEN and a Fine Reputation
WEN by Chaz can continue to enjoy a fine reputation. This is a brand that uses quality ingredients in their products. They provide all-in-one products that offer a deep conditioning. offers a formula for every hair type. Thin hair will be transformed into healthy and full locks. WEN by Chaz is a trustworthy brand that will has earned a fine reputation. This is an ebay available brand that has earned the right to boast and brag about their magic in a bottle.