Securus Exposes Global Tel Link Wrongdoings

A leading provider of criminal justice technology in the United States, Securus Technologies, stated that that they plan on releasing a number of individual reports that will expose a wide range of unlawful conduct by Global Tel Link, one of the country’s leading corrections industry telecommunications providers. The announcement was the first in a series of reports that Securus will publish highlighting integrity breaches by GTL over the next six months.

GTL Misconduct

The first report involves GTL activities when they provided telecommunications services for inmates in the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus reports that during this time GTL added extra seconds to calls. GTL also set its telephones to rate calls at higher rates than are currently allowed under tariffs. Plus, GTL added extra charges to each call after it had already been rated and billed calls multiple times. Securus notes that these violations were performed with full knowledge of GTL. As a result of these practices, Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by GTL by the amount of $1,243,000.

As just the first in their series of reports to be released over the coming months, it remains to be seen the further GTL wrongdoings that will be revealed by Securus. If the blatant and unlawful nature of the GTL wrongdoings when providing telecommunications services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections are any indication, the oncoming reports will serve to further tarnish GTL’s reputation. Securus stated that in releasing this report, they are hoping to shame GTL into adopting ethical practices.

About Securus Technologies

From their Dallas, Texas headquarters, Securus Technologies serves a wide variety of corrections agencies and many inmates. The organization provides telecommunications and monitoring services and products that are aimed at increasing security in the corrections industry and promoting public safety, and is dedicated to ethical and lawful practices.