Fabletics Expands in New Lines and New Locations

Fabletics is the creator of stay active, inspiring clothing are terrific prices. Co-CEOs, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler started the company along with Kate Hudson. They felt there was a gap in the in the active wear marketplace. The brand is being offered as an affordable, yet stylish and high quality. The company was established in 2013.

Whether you are a die-hard triathlon or just running errands and chasing after kids, Fabletics offers trendy designs that will inspire you to stay active and look great doing it.

As a VIP member, you will save up to 50 percent off regular pricing. You will also earn points towards loyalty items. You can shop or Skip the Month. If you decide to skip shopping for a specific month, and let them know by the 5th of the month, you will not be charged the monthly fee on Fabletics.ca. You can cancel your VIP Membership at any time. Kate Hudson is an inspiration to those looking for active wear. She shares her favorite outfits, each month.

Current promotions allow you to get your first outfit for only $25, with a VIP Membership. Whether you run, bike or work out at the gym, Fabletics has an outfit to allow you to do it in style.

There is something new at Fabletics. Kate Hudson is about to add a line of athleisure dresses to the Fabletics of active wear currently offered. This will make Friday night on the town a lot easier. She also just announced a new line of performance swim wear. Get in the swing of things with new outfits at your fingertips. The new athleisure dresses will take you out on the town but keep it casual. The bathing suits are geared towards being active.

Recently Fabletics expanded from only being online to also being in retail stores. This has been great for online sales, as the brand is becoming even better known. Online stores were a major push several years ago, but now people seem to want the option to actually go to the store again. They can try on clothes and get a better idea of how they look on. The company will open five retail stores during the coming months. They plan to open even more shortly. The company is expected to produce $250 million in online sales in 2016.