Jason Halpern, A Dedicated Real Estate Expert.

Jason Halpern is a man with experience in real estate development. Having been brought up in a family that has been in real estate business for three generations, Jason knew what he wanted to do. He groomed his expertise at Halpern Enterprises, a firm that was owned by his late dad. The Halpern family has run real estate companies for over 50 years giving Jason strong foundation. It is the strong foundation that enabled him to start the now successful boutique development firm, JMH Development.


JMH Development has developed and acquired landmark buildings and other innovative properties. The company is very sensitive to the community in which they develop and also believes in historic preservation. The full-service real estate development firm focuses on restoration of historic properties and adaptive reuse projects. Jason as the managing partner of the company and with his passion for developing in historic districts, he has led the company to pioneer developments in Miami Beach, Brooklyn and Manhattan among other places. The leading real estate firm has also built apartments in New York City and Westchester County.


Jason Halpern is well known for his leadership in the company, where they have been able to turn a warehouse into luxury apartments. The luxury apartments at one time served as his office and also a penthouse apartment. He also spearheaded an adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara to make it a 235-room hotel in Aloft South Beach. Jason can balance between his demanding job as he is a hands-on person, and being a caring father to his son Max. He is engaged to Veronika Gomeniouk. He is sensitive to historically significant buildings and ensures he delivers quality and enduring properties.


JMH Development is a developer and also an owner of significant commercial and residential properties across the country. Jason Halpern is a boxing fan, loves racing and is also a philanthropist. He supports the Joel. A. Halpern Trauma Centre which offers open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and complex emergency neurosurgery. The center also caters for pregnant women, children and burn victims. His kind actions have been extended to Nepal and Ethiopia locals who have benefited from water projects. The projects are done through Relief Society of Tigray and Splash following a partnership between JMH and global water non-profit charity.