John Goullet Contribution to the IT Industry

John Goullet graduated from Ursinus College in 1983. There, he pursued a master’s degree in Computer Science. Upon graduation, he started a career in I.T consultancy. In the consultancy business, Goullet played a significant role in the success of several established IT ventures.

With years of experience in the consultancy industry and a wide range of knowledge in regards to market trends, he switched to IT staffing in 1994 and consequently formed Info Technologies. The primary goal of this company was to offer IT solutions to the Fortune 500 companies globally.

Within a period of 5 years, under John Goullet, Info Technologies had grown to over 30 million dollars in value. He saw the company get listed as number 8 in Inc. Magazine among the top 500 fastest growing enterprises. In the year 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant.Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC. After the merger, Mr. John goullet took the position of Principal in DIVERSANT LLC, a position he still holds today. In this role, goullet is responsible for coming up with solutions to challenges affecting the company in regards to the dynamic I.T world. Under his guidance, the company has been able to select the finest brains to be part of their industrious and innovative team. This has assured the company’s success remain unrivalled.

Even with the downturn in the economy, Diversant LLC has continued to register drastic growth. This kind of growth can be attributed to teamwork, professionalism among many others qualities exercised by its workers. Goullet, as a leader, has always advised his employees to be disciplined and respectful to its clients. Creative thinking is also among the attributes employees are encouraged to possess. The company lists as the biggest company in the United States of America to be owned by an African-American. The company has now fully, been recognized as a Minority-owned. It also holds the largest market share in its industry.

The certification was proof of its ability to provide I.T staffing services to its clients. The chairman, John Goullet said that they were pleased with the award. He regarded the certification to the commitment of his workers.

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