The Original Black Model- Naomi Campbell

She is one of the most famous models of the time and the recent years globally. Naomi Campbell had the passion and the desire to cat walking at a very young age. He took the love for the stage from his mother who was a dancer. The 46 YEAR old model and actress was born London to her mother, Valerie. Naomi had her first breakthrough in modeling at the age of 15 years. Naomi Campbell is described as one of the five original models of the early days.

Nomi Campbell attended Dunraven School, and later she joined the London Academy of Performing Arts. To perfect her performances, Naomi also attended the Italia Conti Academy Stage School. Her hardworking spirit and devotion to see her have achieved her dreams led him to start stage performance at very young age. Naomi also appeared in music videos of renowned artist including Bob Marley, the culture and she also performed with Synchro modeling at the age of 15 years.

The famous supermodel was the first black model to appear on a magazine cover of French and British Vogue and also on the Cover of times. Naomi Campbell did not only show off her walking styles on the stage as she cat walked, but she has also been involved in advertising campaigns for icons like Raph Lauren as well as Francois Nars. She has also been posing for professional photographers as well as for fine fare including Playboy magazine and Madonna’s book Sex.

Naomi can be described as the jack of all trades. Apart from modeling, he is also a professional musician as well as an actress. She has been very successful in the film industry especially in Japan. In the music industry, she made her first hit song Love and Tears. Campbell has also appeared in numerous music videos as well as films including cool as ice and Miami Rhapsody. She is a go-getter and in addition to all the works she is involved in she is also an author and co-author of books such as Swan and her self-titled photo book.

Naomi Campbell is also participating in charitable activities, and she is one of the Welfare of children in Africa and since 1997 she has worked with the Nelson Mandela. She is an ambassador of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe mothers she is also a supporter of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.