EOS Lip Balms Revolutionize The Lip Balm Industry

For many years the lip balm industry had been quite unexciting, until seven years ago when Fast Company launched their EOS lip balms. The creation of the pastel-colored orbs revolutionized the lip balm industry. The fast company realized that the industry needed a product that would meet the needs of the millennial women aged between the ages of 25-35. The older designs such as the Chapstick were not entirely addressing the needs of a large population of fashion conscious millennial.

The founders of the EOS lip balm were struck by the lack of innovation in the lip balm industry. Most products looked almost like the oldest predecessor in the sector. They realized that most of the Walmart sold brands were entirely focused on just pricing of their products. EOS recognized the niche in the market and took the opportunity. They first did an intensive consumer research to zero in the particular target market. They realized that though well-known brands treated lip balm like a unisex product, it was overwhelmingly used by women.

They realized that lip balm, in fact, formed a fundamental part of the beauty regime of most women. They, therefore, aimed to make a product that would make this routine pleasurable and fun. The EOS was born out of the need to make a customized product to need the needs of the fashion sensitive and stylish millennial woman. Since the idea was quite radical, they had to ensure that the product would be classy enough to remain relevant in a dynamic market for a long time.

The EOS is an amazing creation that involves all the five senses from soft touch, beautiful colors, the tastes as well as the smells of the flavors. This is a product that is created with a focus on the establishment of an emotional connection with its users. This was the birth of a new age of lip balms that has been mimicked by other companies such as Blistex and Revo from OraLabs.


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