Tips to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends are a notorious sign of unhealthy hair. The ends of our hair are the first to show the damage that has been done over time whether from using the wrong shampoo and conditioner, using harsh products and chemicals, or just from environmental damage such as the cold and wind. There are ways you can take care of split ends yourself once they are already there, and one excellent way to prevent them from occurring so quickly in the first place. Let’s look at the ways of taking care of them once they are there first.

Regular Trims

Even if you are trying to grow your hair out, getting regular trims is vital. This will ensure that your hair is always looking its best, and it also helps to promote healthy hair growth. Your hair stylist can also make sure that your hair, and your scalp, is healthy and that if something is not right, they can recommend you change your routine for a while so that your hair can get back to its healthy look. They know hair best, and if you see the same stylist every 6 to 8 weeks, they know your hair best!


Dusting is a way of trimming just the “frays” that show up when you tightly twist your hair into twists about 2 inches wide. Those frays are the splits that make your hair look unhealthy and because you are only trimming off little bits, very little actually ends up on the floor. You should definitely leave this to your stylist at first, but you can have your stylist show you how to do this in a pinch if you need a quick freshen up before a big meeting or other event. It isn’t recommended that you do this often, as if you are finding that this is necessary a lot, you may just need to spring for a trim.

Use Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

If you use hair care products that are made to prevent damage to hair and also to repair damage, then your hair will not only look healthier but you can also go longer between trims and dustings which will help you grow your hair faster if that is what you are hoping to achieve. Wen hair is specially formulated to do all of this and has been a favorite hair care brand by Chaz Dean of women since it came on the market in 2000.


Reasons Why People Don’t Drink Water

There are many reasons why people don’t drink as much water as they should. This is quite a sad thing because people need water. However, in order to get people to drink more water, it is important for them to know why they don’t drink as much. Fortunately, the reasons are easy to find.

Therefore, the solution brings out more water drinkers. When people drink more water, then they find that they are better able to handle life. They are also better able to maintain their health because water makes it easier for them to manage everything health related as long as they are taking in other nutrients.

Among the reasons that people don’t drink as much water as they should is that the water they drink is contaminated. As a result, people are not consuming water that is the best for them.

This also results in a subtle taste that could drive people away from water. While most cases of contamination are not that harmful, there are some cases of contamination that could cause a lot of issue in the water. This is why it is important for people to pay close attention to the type of water they are drinking.

Fortunately, there is a type of water that is free of contamination. Organic Authority says that it is called Waiakea water. Waiakea water is said to be volcanic water. This gives it a purity that is lacking from other waters. It also has a taste that is refreshing. People who give this type of water a try will find that it is one of the best tasting waters around.

Therefore, they will want to drink more of the water in order to get more of the benefits that come with it. According to Baby Boomster, therefore, people who drink Waiakea Spring water will find that they have a lot of health benefits that they couldn’t get from other forms of water.

The health benefits of water from Waiakea water have resulted in the company experiencing a 5,000% growth in a short amount of time. This is a sign that the water company is very good about making sure that people are gaining greater health.

The Mega donor George Soros

George Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. He is widely known for being an investor, philanthropist, and political activist. He is also founder and adviser of the Quantum Fund. Being a member of the Democratic Political Party, Soros supports American progressive and American liberal political causes. He donated more that $11 billion to many philanthropic causes between 1979-2011, and his net-worth as of November 2016 is said to be $24.9 billion. He is also known for his role in the peaceful transitioning from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

George Soros is among the Democrats’ largest donors nationally. He is one of the few liberals willing to donate eight figures in an election cycle. He has also set the expectation for conservative billionaires to donate more than $1 million to super PACs and other unlimited money groups. In 2004, Soros donated more than $20 million to groups that attempted to oust George W. Bush. However, after the failure of that effort, he decided to take a hiatus from his big political spending. After intense courting, he finally decided to donate $1 million in 2012 to Priorities USA, in dedication to support President Obama’s reelection. That year, Soros told a close Clinton-ally that he regretted supporting Obama over her in the 2008 primary elections, and he praised Clinton for giving him a chance to discuss policy.

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Priorities USA was among the many PACs assiduously courting George Soros heading into 2016. In December, he donated $6 million to the leading super PAC in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He also donated $1 million to Priorities USA, and another $1 million to another Clinton-backing super PAC known as American Bridge 21st Century, during the first half of the year. According to a report filed by the Federal Election Commission, Priorities USA Action, the super PAC Soros donated $6 million to, was able to raise $25 million in the second half of 2015. Heading into the year, Priorities USA Action had a strong $36 million in the bank.

George Soros’ contributions to the democratic political party during the 2016 election certainly didn’t stop there. During the 2016 election, George Soros also spent big in an effort to turn out Florida’s Puerto Rican vote. Because Florida is considered the country’s biggest battleground state, and a region packed with persuadable voters, taking on the task seemed easy. Much of the work was done through a new Florida political committee called United for Progress. With its commencement in September 2016, United for Progress is chaired by Miami-based political consultant, Marcos Vilar. According to Vilar in an e-mail, “United for Progress is educating Floridians about issues of importance to the Puerto Rican community in several jurisdictions around the state.” United for Progress revolves around a mail program that targets specific Central Florida legislative, in seats with large amounts of Democratic Puerto Rican voters.

In October, Soros gave United for Progress their lone contribution of $200,000. In a separate effort to reform the criminal justice system, Soros spent $1.3 million to oust Orange Osceola State Attorney Jess Ashton, which turned out to be a successful bid. He is also involved in a campaign against Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober.

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Madison Street Capital’s Reputation and Expertise and Business

Madison Street Capital is one of the highly-profitable investments banking company that is committed to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership. The company is also committed to delivering corporate comprehensive financial advisory services to privately and publicly-held companies. For Madison Street Capital, nothing gives more pleasure than their reputation. For this reason, they deal in their daily business in a manner that depicts their corporate and social responsibility.


Madison Street Capital has a clear understanding of time sensitivity. For this reason, they act promptly to deliver their services in corporate finance. They also respond quickly to any opportunity presented to them. For the company, they engage in an approach that leads to the creation of corporate transactions that benefits both investors and owners mutually. The company is proud to have the experience, knowledge, and relationships that match sellers and buyers. Therefore, they engage in matching the most appropriate buyer with their prospective business and companies on sale. For those seeking investors, they help you find the most suitable capitalization and funding structure to every client.


The company also applies a modern methodology that reflects experience and expertise in all areas regarding mergers and acquisition, corporate finance, market pricing and due diligence, valuation services, specialized financing, design, deal structuring, and the implementation of alternative exit strategies.


The company has many years of professional experience in this industry. For this reason, they have helped numerous customers to meet their solutions through their exclusive services. Madison Street Capital’s understanding and experience of corporate governance and corporate finance issues are the reason why they are ahead of the rest in the industry through unmatched solutions. For all your valuation and financial advisory problems, you can find the solution through Madison Street Capital. The company has regional offices in Asia, Arica, and North America. Madison Street Capitals adopted a global view that allows local business networks and relationship share an equal measure of emphasis.


Madison Street Capital’s Reputation and Expertise includes:

Business Valuation

  • Tax Compliance
  • Company Valuation


Corporate Advisory

  • ESOP Advisory
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Reorganization Services
  • Bankruptcy Services
  • Private Placements
  • Buy Out Advisory
  • Corporate Governance


Financial Opinions

  • Solvency & Capital Adequacy
  • Independent 3rd Party Fairness Opinions


Valuation for Financial Reporting

  • Goodwill & Intangible Asset Impairment
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Structured Finance Products
  • Share-Based Compensation


Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning

  • Business Exit Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Build Wealth


Asset Management Industry Focus

  • Portfolio Valuation Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
  • Financial Sponsor Coverage
  • Restructuring Services


Madison Street Capital, over the years, has strived to be a market leader to offer services through their extensive experience, knowledge, and relationships to match the middle markets with prospective buyers and investment banking companies. The company has led through mergers and acquisition, corporate finance, and corporate advisory.

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Squaw Valley Publishes Statement Regarding Upper Mountain Water Quality


Squaw Valley has now issued a comprehensive statement in response to news that went around this week that E. coli and some coliform bacteria were discovered in the drinking water at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley.


The potential health hazard was first reported on November 8th to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. From that time, the water is being treated consistently and is exhibiting tremendous improvement. Currently, three out of the four main wells that serve the upper mountain are showing very low levels of coliform and no E. coli. The good news was announced via Sierra Sub on Tuesday by Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health.


While all restaurants at the upper mountain remained closed most of this week and skiers are not permitted to drink water until the issue is totally resolved. However, no any health issues have been reported, and the top-to-bottom skiing is permitted to continue safely at the prestigious ski resort.


Squaw Valley statement

Here is the full statement as seen on the Sun on Wednesday, November 30, by Liesl Kenney. Kenney is the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

These are the real facts regarding water quality at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. In October 2016, a rare heavy rain storm affected some water systems around Placer County. At the Squaw Valley, the unusual weather phenomenon led to an inundation of the upgraded water project installed over the summer of this year at the High Camp as well as at the Gold Coast. The event resulted in a contamination of the water system.

However, this issue was only limited to that water system, and none of Squaw Valley’s other water systems were affected as a result. It should be noted that at no single point was the contaminated water availed to the public.


After some routine testing detected the contamination issue, we immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health together with the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We also moved fast to consult other prominent water safety experts. Through their help, we have taken drastic steps to address the issue, and we intend to continue doing that until the water in the reserves returns to normal levels. Due to this, we will not return to our normal water usage at the High Camp or the Gold Coast until we are completely assured by health officials together with other professionals that the water is safe.


The welfare of our beloved customers is paramount to Squaw Valley, and that is the reason we are taking that issue quite seriously, as we normally do to all safety issues. While this matter is being resolved, our esteemed guests at the High Camp and Gold Coast will enjoy normal and total access to our facilities which will include free bottled water for drinking. In the meanwhile, we will update all our guests when the water experts confirm that this matter has been resolved fully.


We would wish to thank the Placer County as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District for their immense assistance and constant cooperation with this matter.


Brian Torchin Is A Medical Job Placement Wizard

There are those searching for jobs every day in the medical industry, and it is quite important to use a job placement agency. Brian Torchin is a principal in such a business, and he has a large profile online through his blog. This article explains why Brian is an excellent person to speak to about new jobs, and he will bring seekers to jobs they are most-likely to win.

#1: How Does Brian Search For Jobs?

Searching for jobs is quite difficult for the average person in medicine, and Brian Torchin takes the search out of their hands. He knows where the jobs are, and he often sends his clients to interviews that are happening quite soon. His career is based on his knowledge of the industry, and he steps out to ensure every client meets with the proper practice.

#2: Where Are The Jobs?

Brian researches the industry every day learning about where it leans from one year to the next. He often publishes his findings online, and readers of his blog see exacting analysis of every portion of the industry. Finding a better job is simpler when someone is given information about the manner of job they must apply for.

#3: Brian’s Business Places Workers

The business places workers daily in jobs they were entrusted with. Each of the jobs are handed over to Brian and his staff because they vet the workers themselves. The simplest job placement happens just after an applicant sends their information to Brian. He is capable of finding a job for someone in moments, and he may send them off to a new job moments after. He has an instinct for the industry that is unsurpassed.

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin has distinguished himself with work that sends his clients to different locations around the globe. He works in a medical industry that needs new workers every day, and hiring is difficult for several of his clients. He cuts out the expense and wasted time other businesses go through, and he has mountains of applicants seeking work who find him through his blog or the company website.

Points To Note Before Choosing Shampoo For Your Hair

Hair products offer one the opportunity to embrace style and look different. Choosing the right shampoo remains a problem that many people have to deal with, mainly because some lack the right information to make an informed decision. It is true that every person responds in a different manner to specific types of shampoo, hence the need to choose a product that matches one’s needs and hair.

Before going out to buy shampoo, there are things one should consider. The first consideration that should guide you to making the right decision is the kind of response your skin gives when it comes in contact with the kind of shampoo you choose to buy. A product that reacts with your skin is not the best for your hair. Also make sure you don’t have medical conditions that can make it difficult for you to comfortably use certain types of shampoo.

The hair type of an individual also affects the kind of shampoo one chooses. For example, people with thin hair are in a better position when they use shampoo that is made with some cleansing agents because the hair is light and is prone to falling with the weight of oil and dirt. Using the product will produce fine hair, so these are some of the basic details one should pay attention to while choosing to buy shampoo.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a renowned beauty outlet that stocks some of the best hair conditioning products. The company was founded by Chaz Dean, a beauty enthusiast who also enjoys photography. Wen By Chaz has been offering celebrities styling tips and their beauty products have been featured in leading magazines alongside top celebrities. The company has become a choice among many ladies and they are looking to expand their reach.

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