Christopher Burch: Fashion and Technology Goes Hand in Hand

Technology has came a long way. In the 70’s, the boom box was introduced. This allowed consumers to carry their favorite music with them all the time. It came equipped with 2 cassette decks. One side played music while the other side could be used to record whatever the consumer wanted. As the 80’s came into play, movie story lines added the trending boom box. This caused the popularity to soar among consumers and the need to have a boom box became prominent. As the 90’s slid on in, technology grew even more. The need for smaller, compact items, so that the consumer could easily carry this with ease. The iPod was introduced and skyrocketed with consumer demands.


Technology and fashion go hand in hand. Designers create and deliver, using movies and commercials to drive their products out to the open so that they gain in popularity. A dutch fashion designer, Anouk Wipprecht, says that technology is viewed as a playground. It gives the designer a place to experiment, rewarding the designer with many possibilities.


Examples to Show How Technology and Fashion Go Beyond The Norm


New innovations have been introduced. Bike helmets may not be the most beautiful thing a consumer sees. But two people, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin invented a system where a person could wear an airbag around the neck. It is suppose to pop open to protect the wearer from impact during an accident. Another item is a glove specifically for firemen. Frontline Gloves, founded by Ashwin Rajan and Keven Cannon, allows fireman to inform their colleagues on valuable information through gestures made by the hands.


Fashion designers are turning to recyclables to create trending fashions. SegraSegra used inner tubes to create shirts and jackets. Emma Whiteside made a ball gown out of copper from recycled radiators.


Sometimes either technology or fashion need a helping hand from each other. An example of this is when Google Glass was introduced. While it appealed to many, the cost for the regular person was phenomenal. A fashion designer by the name of Diane Von Furstenberg stepped in to increase their popularity. She had her models wearing them out on the catwalk.


Burch Creative Capital was founded by Christopher Burch. The company’s drive and goals are lead by Burch’s values and vision for the ever changing market. His company uses creativity and imagination, creating unique brands and business opportunities that will leave a lasting effect on the lives of consumers.


In the 40 years as a business investor, Christopher Burch has had his hands in the rise of over 50 companies. Consumer behavior and trends mixed with direct marketing expertise, his track record exceeds most in his field.