Eric Lefkofsky and the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, of any gender, any age, and any demographic making it a truly hideous and terrifying disease. Groupon Founder Eric Lefkofsky is working to make breast cancer a thing of the past. Tempus, the cancer fighting startup that was founded by Lefkofsky is working to give doctors with University of Chicago a better chance at fighting breast cancer.Tempus announced earlier this week that they will partner with UChicago’s breast cancer specialist to help provide much needed molecular sequencing and analysis in order to create treatment plans that are tailored to the patient. Tempus is set to analyze data for 1,000 breast cancer patients in order to better ascertain patterns that might help to predict how a patient is going to respond to any one particular treatment plan.Lefkofsky is the cofounder of Tempus and has also founded companies like Lightbank, Groupon, Uptake Technologies and more. He works mainly in ventures that focus on data analytics and has been able to help apply knowledge to fight a number of causes.

In 2006 he started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife Liz to help advance high impact initiatives in surrounding communities. Lefkofsky is a Trustte at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and works in a wide range of businesses and industries to better the world around us.The overall goal is to help to better tailor treatment for optimal patient outcome each time. “Although breast cancer is among the most common cancers, there is relatively little accessible data on the millions of patients who have battled the disease,” Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, professor of medicine and human genetics and Dean for Global Health at the University of Chicago, stated.

Tempus hopes to use machine learning and genomic sequencing to help doctors make real time decisions based around treatment for patients. Tempus was founded in 2015 and recently went public. Tempus is also partnering with the likes of Robert H. Laurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University as well as the Mayo Clinic. Their high profile partnerships do not end there as they also work with Rush University Medical Center, the University of Michigan, and Penn Medicine offering their services to provide data to help fight cancer. The partnership is still young but faith in the project is high.

Starting a Business like Sawyer Howitt

If you want to start your own business, there are many ways for you to accomplish this goal. Over the long term, a lot of people have figured out how to scale up a business successfully over time. Not only that, but many people are excited about the changes that are taking place within the business. There are many people who are excited about the changes that Sawyer Howitt is doing in his industry. Sawyer Howitt is an industry leader when it comes to starting companies and taking them to the next level.

Over time, Sawyer Howitt has proven that he understands what it takes to start a company. If you want to start a business, proper planning is critical. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place within the business. Today is a great day to get started on your new idea.

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Meet Jeffry Schneider

jeffry schneider casual

Jeffry Schneider, a father and leader of an Austin-based company, is a busy man to say the least. It’s easy for people with busy schedules to make excuses why they can’t give back to their communities or dedicate time to their health. Because he doesn’t make excuses, Jeffry Schneider stands out in a crowded world of successful professionals. It’s incredible and moving to see how much time he devotes to his health and to the health of others around him. His work ethic embodies the idea that no individual is too busy to change their lifestyle. Instead of wasting time coming up with reasons why he can’t accomplish something, Jeff just goes for it. This entrepreneurial marathon runner works out every day, eats healthy food at almost every meal, and participates in meditation too.

Passionate about fitness, he’s glad he lives in Austin where he has access to plenty of gyms and health clubs. Health clubs are organizations that bring groups of people together through wellness programs. A wellness program, whether done individually or in a group, offers an array of benefits. It boosts overall health, increases cognitive function, decreases stress levels, and increases the rate of productivity at the workplace. Research shows that if individuals exercise regularly as part of their health program, they are less likely to request sick leaves compared to those who do not exercise at all, so Jeffry implements them at his office too. Wellness programs show employees that their mental and physical health are important to employers and give them a positive attitude about working for the company. Jeff enjoys leading his company and looks forward to working with the team every day.

Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and 3 dogs enjoying the Austin hill country. When he’s not spending time with his family or working out, Jeffry Schneider likes to unwind by enjoying Tuscan wine, one of his many passions. Whether he’s laughing over a glass with friends or enjoying one while deep in thought, Jeff values his self-care and relaxation. Although he is passionate about wine, his real passion is helping disadvantaged people. Outside of work, he uses his time and resources to contribute to relief efforts. For instance, Mr. Schneider has participated in charitable organizations efforts dedicated to helping Hurricane Harvey victims and areas that were struck significantly by natural disasters such as Houston and Puerto Rico.

Committed to charity, Mr. Jeffrey Schneider also helps those who help others like Dell Children’s Hospital oncology nurse, Elizabeth Stephens. When she’s not working at the hospital, Elizabeth travels to Central America to repair kids’ cleft palates. Before meeting Jeff, Elizabeth had been using her own money to finance these trips which included her savings. Knowing how costly it is to travel, Jeffry was moved by her work and realized he had an opportunity to help her along with those she helps by reimbursing her for all traveling expenses. This reimbursement enabled her to continue providing critical care to children in need, and in this way, Jeffry continues to help her with her volunteer work abroad. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through leadership, Jeff makes it a priority to participate in other’s nonprofit work in any way he can.


Why Consumers Choose EOS Lip Balm Over Other Leading Brands

Have you ever noticed the mundane packaging of a stick of Chapstick, lipstick, or lipgloss? EOS creators were intentional when designing their packaging. In thinking about their target market and their consumer’s lifestyle, they decided that the old faithful tube package could be revamped into something more unique and fun. Bring on the round EOS lip balm packaging that fits nicely in one’s palm, is easier to find in the bottomless pit that is often a purse, and glides easily over one’s lips. The packaging was created to appeal to all five senses of the consumer. From the taste, smell, feel, and even the sound of the cap closing after use, was all taken into consideration while creating the packaging.

Special edition flavors, keds that come with matching EOS lip balm, , and even Disney lip balm all played a large role in helping EOS lip balm launch into the mainstream popular culture. A buzz about the product was created by deploying a unique marketing strategy and understanding the behaviors of the millennial target market of 20 something consumers. By partnering with beauty bloggers, youtube vloggers, and releasing commercials during programs that were high rated by young professionals, created excitement for the EOS product.

Knowing your consumer and creating a product to fit their lifestyle and marketing it directly too them, led the lip balm company to catapult into the drugstore market. Today, EOS are seen on the shelves of Walmart, Target and other retail stores.

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Karl Heideck has the litigation chops to help you win any fraud and banking case

Karl Heideck has the litigation chops to help you winIf your reading this article you probably need legal help of some kind. You may need to press charges and sue someone for a perceived miscarriage of justice or you may simply need a defense attorney that will help aid you in a counter suit for a civil matter. And for that process you need a qualified litigator to handle any and all litigation services. A litigator is basically someone who represents your case. They do all the research leading up to the case and serve as your lawyer if the case reaches trial. Litigators today are trained in university in the practices of law and most at least have a Juris Doctorate in law and are board certified in their state.

So, what is the litigation process? It begins basically when a conflict between two parties cannot be resolved by normal means and the plaintiff, the person who presses charges, serves the defendant, the person being charged, with a summons and complaint. This complaint also goes to the civil trial court. The complaint must express the injuries done to the plaintiff by the defendant and it generally requests damages. If a settlement at this early phase of litigation cannot be reached, then the discovery process begins. The discovery process can take weeks or sometimes years depending on the complexity of the case and the cooperation between the plaintiff and the defendant. This is because it involves the deposition of each side to seek information for the purposed trial. After the deposition process is complete then both parties are required to meet for a settlement conference to see if the case can be resolved without a trial. If this meeting fails to produce a settlement, then a trial takes place. Once a decision has been reached through the trail process there is still the added possibility of someone appealing the decision.

Karl Heideck J.D, PhiladelphiaTo help lead and guide you through this entire process you need help of a competent and well educated professional like Karl Heideck J.D. Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based attorney who currently works for Hire Counsel. His work for Hire Counsel overviewing discovery materials for fraud and banking litigation makes him an expert in his field. Karl Heideck mostly specializes in litigation issues related to transactions, acquisitions, compliance, risk management, and liquidity positions. Karl Heideck received his law degree from Temple University in 2009. Karl is happy to help you with any and all parts of the litigation process. Heideck can be contacted by clicking this link.

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Flavio Maluf Understands What Is Required To Be An Entrepreneur

Flavio Maluf is a very prominent senior manager and a businessman. Maluf Flavio knows that to be an entrepreneur is a complicated enterprise. Lots of people are operating under the false belief that to be an entrepreneur means that they can put in fewer hours, while they bring in more money than they were when they labored for someone’s company.

Then again, in actuality, when one embarks to become an entrepreneur, they almost always work longer hours, from having to run the whole business. There are not scheduled working hours for entrepreneurs on, as they must to be on site at all times. Embarking on spontaneous vacations is rarely a treat that the entrepreneur can actually enjoy, and this is why the entrepreneur doesn’t often find success.

Capital is a key component for entrepreneurs to be victorious. Beginning a business project on without monetary support is rarely the path to doing well; on the other hand, Flavio Maluf believes that a vast amount of money to form a business is not a necessity. The market at this time has a huge number of economic backers who are in search of original ideas to finance. Finding such backers is all one needs to accomplish on

If someone is residing in Brazil, a business endeavor may not be an easy chore. Typically, as reported by information given by the World Bank, 107 days is the average period to wait before legally being allowed to start. The wait is only five days in America. However, the wait could be much longer, if your business needs the supervision of certain regulations or certifications. It isn’t a requirement to have a pioneering concept to start a business project at, although having one will help your project to be seen among competitors.

In 1961, Flavio Maluf was born and he is a well-known mechanical engineer who is responsible for creating the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Flavio represents the Eucatex and GrandFood group as their company president. Mr. Flavio Maluf established multiple offshoots of the company in the country of Brazil to export wares to over 37 countries.

George Soros, Helping People, One Political System At A Time

George Soros is a man who has always worked for the benefit of society. A native of Hungary, George has been actively involved in various political endeavors happening in different countries of the world. George Soros is also one of the top supporters of the Democratic Party, having helped them tremendously with all the organizations and NGOs the party supports.

With his efforts to help the Democratic Party win at this years presidential elections, George Soros had donated over $25 million with an effort to help the party succeed. This isn’t the first time however that George has donated a large sum of money to an American political party. In 2004, George has donated a total of $27 million in efforts to help the Democratic Party win. After suffering a major loss that year, George decided to never again venture into the world of American Politics on Forbes. However, upon seeing the Republican Party nominee and now President, Donald Trump, Soros decided to help the party once again in an effort to help bring the party to power.

However, even with the loss, George still wants to make a difference to the American Political System and being about a change that will benefit the American society. Soon after Donald Trump was elected President of The United States Of America, Soros decided to launch a campaign against the president, lobbying for his impeachment. George Soros’ opinion is that if this presidency continues, America will face an inevitable downfall that will not be favorable for the American population.

His immense dedication to bring about change in political systems began back in George’s home country of Hungary. When he was younger, he and the people around him suffered as a result of the Pro-Nazi regime on that was ruling over the area where he lived. Being a part of these adverse situations led Soros to want to fight for the justice of the common people.

George has been no stranger to the Forbes top lists. In 2016 alone, George was ranked in the Forbes 400, Top Billionaires and The Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers. He is also listed as one of the top philanthropes in the world, having donated millions of dollars to different organizations across the world. Some details can be read on Investopedia.

George has always worked towards the upliftment of the repressed classes of society. He has always tried to help those who genuinely need the help of others to be able to lead a comfortable life. George has made numerous efforts in trying to help refugees who are seeking asylum in other countries to get a footing and establish a life for themselves. In 2016, Soros established a $500 million foundation which was catered towards helping refugees in establishing and running their own businesses.

ClassDojo: Empowering a Classroom of Greatness

In a recent article from, ClassDojo was featured for their success in raising 21 million dollars for their app that helps close the gap between parent and teacher communication. TechCrunch describes the empowerment parents, teachers, and students alike will experience by being able to communicate through the app. They also highlight the progress that has been made through venture funding, noting the 31 million dollars to date. TechCrunch leaves off imagining the possibilities of this app, stating that parents could possibly “buy content like custom yearbooks, or videos, discussion guides and lessons that they could use with their kids at home.” This is among many other mentions of the communication platform that will ultimately make life easier and less stressful for all parties involved. See more here:


ClassDojo seeks to change the communication platform from the ground up, eliminating the parent-teacher conference. With the goal of giving the power to create incredible classrooms in mind, ClassDojo is already available in 40 languages and is in 180 countries. Being used by millions each day proves that this app is creating a community more positive and successful than ever before among parents, teachers, and sudents. The empowerment given by ClassDojo opens doors for words of encouragement to be easily shared, schedules and upcoming events easily communicated, and efficiency increased.


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The CEO of Talk Fusion Writes About The Future of the Video Marketing

Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, the premier online video marketing company. He recently wrote an article on MarTech Advisor’s website which described his vision of the upcoming trends the industry will be experiencing over the next year – He also explains why he thinks that companies need to quickly start making video the core of their marketing strategies.

Reina created Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution in order to fill a void on the internet that he saw when trying to share video online. He has marketed his services and products to IT professionals and marketing executives through the use of market analysis, advances in technology, and the growing popularity of sharing video’s online. In the article he explains video as not just a beneficial medium but really as an advertiser’s most valuable asset. As MarTech Advisor’s readers are marketing and sales professionals this is a message that is on point with them.

It was in 2004 that Bob Reina envisioned his first product, Video Email. After taking the time to perfect this it has caught on over time and is being used by companies around the world. In his article he explains how and why the professionals that are reading it can take advantage of his company’s offerings and see the potential in this massive trend towards video.

Video Email is the top product that Talk Fusion offers its customers as it lets them easily connect with their contacts. Users of the app can send a video email, on either iPhone or Android, and their client will be able to see the video’s marketing campaign while in any location.

Bob Reina, a former police officer, founded Talk Fusion in 2007. The company’s mission is to help other businesses advertising efforts stand out from the crowd leading to an increase in revenue and profits. Talk Fusion’s products are now sold through the company’s independent network of sellers in over 140 countries. The company offers new users a 30 day free trial of their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution as an incentive to give the product a try.