Gregory Aziz

The steel car industry has never had the most reputable manufacturer like Gregory Aziz. The North America -based Gregory Aziz is the CEO of the exclusive National Steel Car companies. Aziz graduated from the Western University with a degree in commerce. He is an individual with an entrepreneurship spirit. Actually, before joining the National Steel car companies, he was a member in the family affiliated business dealing with food delivery in North America.

Unlike other incompetent CEOs, James Aziz is a diligent and innovative leader. In his 25th year at National Steel companies, he has collaborated with several foreign technologists and engineers to improve car production business. Even though he never completed his second degree due to political unrest, he has proofed to be a competent figure in the manufacturing of railway freight and tank cars. Alongside his achievements in the Steel Car industry, he has always encouraged people to explore their potential as well as being confident of their capabilities. James Azi is an inspiration to many individuals in the society.

Gregory Aziz has always been giving back to the community. Not in the History of North America that a CEO has actively been involved in raising the welfares of the less privileged in the society like Aziz’s case. James Aziz believes that the best way to help others is through the creation of job opportunities. In his position, he has managed to create thousands of jobs. Additionally, in his career, Aziz has offered sponsorship programs and charities to many people and organizations in North America; especially Poland. For instance, he is responsible for the following sponsorship; Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army among many others. Due to his kindness, people around him always show their support by attending the National Steel Car Christmas party held each year. However, it is not only a Christmas party but another program of promoting food drive for local food banks.

For close to 10 years now, the National Steel car has been in possession of the outstanding TT SECO highest quality award. Gregory Aziz has shown the world the highest commitment ever. In his leadership, he has worked tirelessly to improve car production from as little as 3,500 per year in 1994 to 12,000 per year in 1999. Lastly, as an entrepreneur, Greg Aziz is associated with numerous banking opportunities in New York City and Poland. The distinguished native speaker is still the leading railroad freight car tycoon in North America.




About Seattle Genetics Center

A collection of beige buildings at the Cascade Bothell Business Park screams out sophisticated science technology of what is now being termed as the Seattle Genetics headquarters. At the Seattle Genetics center, human antibodies are the core of an ongoing manipulation, study, and packaging of drugs. The center has the continued commitment to antibodies into the most innovative therapies able to convey toxic payload into cancerous cells and eliminate them internally.

This innovative technique is expected to propel the Seattle Genetics Center into the big leagues. Hopefully enough, into Seattle’s anchor that will elevate the persistent the fluctuating up and down pharmaceutical cycles that have plagued the biotech community for a long time. The Seattle Genetics Center currently boasts of multi-billion profit gains, and with a large employee base, the Center is regarded among the most major Washington biotechs. The company has grand determinations and is expected to develop into the biggest marketing and research biotech pharma.

Majorly focused on antibody-drug conjugates, Seattle Genetics produces protein molecule drugs that make the immune system to generate antibodies. These antibodies, in turn, attach themselves to Hodgkin lymphoma cancer cells among other diseases delivering an internal toxin that destroys the cancerous cells. Scientists have often referred to this method of killing cancer as “smart bombs” since the ADCs convey a payload that kills cancerous cells without creating damage to the normal body tissues. This technique is innovative and is expected to elevate the often sharp collateral damage that affects healthy cells during the normal radiation and chemotherapies. Adcetris is the major flagship drug and is used to treat the lymph system cancer (Hodgkin lymphoma) among other types of cancer.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder, CEO, chairman, and president of Seattle Genetics and according to him; his firm is emerging as the universal Oncology multi product Company. The CEO believes his long pipeline of drugs as the actual confirmation of his commitment to establishing the most leading biotech firm in America. Siegall’s ambitions are also apparent in his ambitions to transform his company’s distinctive emphasis on the development of drugs towards advanced complexities regarding the marketing and worldwide handling of newer drugs.

Besides, Siegall has shown commitment towards global commercialization following the acquisition of the Immunomedics worldwide rights to market a newly developed cancer drug from New Jersey. This effort has demonstrated Siegall’s and Seattle Genetics’ commitment to employ profound oncology business knowledge to gain new drug rights and take them to the universal limits.

Get To Know Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello

The current Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer at Nabor Industries is Tony Petrello. In 2014 he earned over $68 million dollars and the label of highest paid CEO of that year. He has established a track record of going above and beyond in all his endeavors even before the beginning of his professional career.


From early childhood, Tony Petrello had a mind for math and excelled beyond what the New Wark New Jersey public school system had to offer him. The Yale faculty rewarded his hard work and abilities with a scholarship to attend their prestigious university. He was offered a mentorship under the late French-born American mathematician and professor Serge Lang who is best remembered for his mathematical textbooks.

Collegiate Excellence

Tony Petrello attended the elite academic institutions of Harvard and Yale. He graduated from Harvard with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. While attending Yale he earned both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics and learn more about Tony.

The Work Force

In 1979 he put his education to use as he began his career at the law firm of Baker & Mckenzie. He became Managing Partner within seven years at their New York location and maintained that title for five years before joining Nabor Industries.

Who is Nabor Industries?

Nabor is among the leading global oil and gas drilling contractors who specialize in:

*Land Drilling


*Specialty Rigs

*Rig Equipment

*Drilling Software & Technology

*Directional Drilling


Career Highlights

*1992, Petrello became the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries.

*1992, he was promoted to Nabor’s President where he would remain for nine years before becoming their Deputy Chairman.

*2011, he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer.

*2011, he also became the Director of Stewart & Stevenson

*2012, He was promoted to Chairman of the Board


Toney and his wife Cynthia were blessed with a daughter Carena who was born prematurely and with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This was a motivating factor in their philanthropy and as a matter of fact, they have donated millions in donations to research and Mr. Petrello is the current Director of Texas Children’s Hospital and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

His drive, intelligence and heart make Toney Petrello one to watch.

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Talk Fusion’s Bob Riena

Bob Riena founded the video marketing company, Talk Fusion, in 2007. Riena got his start in the professional world as a police officer, a role which he held for more than ten years. He put law enforcement behind him as soon as he heard his true calling: Network marketing. It was not long before he found that he was naturally gifted at it a and started being successful. This was not without some bumps in the road. In those early years there were months that he just couldn’t afford to pay all of his bills. Learn more:


But by 2004 he had perfected his craft and landed on specializing in video marketing. This was the birth of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is girded with a vast variety of different video communication products. And their products have proven to be so popular that they now have operations in more than 140 countries. But Riena believes in this product so strongly that he is confident that its popularity will rise higher in the near future. He says that it is the future of communication with its capability to send video emails, video newsletters, hold live meetings, and virtually any other type of video chat. Learn more:


Although the features that Talk Fusion is capable of is impressive enough, Riena is not done with the innovations. He has more ideas for the company that he fully intends to completely develop. As financially success as Riena is and continues to be, he says his greatest joy in life is helping other people succeed.


Rocketship Education Takes Over California

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of schools that were founded in 1999. Rocketship was founded by Father Mateo Sheedy a former pastor at Sacred Heart Parish. The motivation to start the schools is after the pastor realized the rate education disparity in the region. Most of the children in his neighborhood received a low-quality education compared to others in the country. After starting the first learning center, other parents and stakeholders joined hands to build the school network across the California. Rocketship Education is a public elementary charter school that focuses on regions that are marginalized. The school has adopted its program which is all inclusive. The program is technology oriented, and it has empowered teachers and highly engages parents in empowering the growth of the community as a whole.

The Rocketship Education network has over 16 schools located in different districts across California. Rocketship Education continues to gain national attention due to its exemplary performance compared to other public and private school. The school has a high reliance on technology, and the automation level is high, and thus it offers education service at a relatively low cost. The schools have also invested heavily in teachers. This is because the success of the students solely depends on the competence and experience of the teachers. Teachers at Rocketship Education public elementary charter school are trained on the latest and efficient teaching models.

Preston Smith is the current chief executive officer and also the co-founder of Rocketship. He is innovative and dedicated personnel. Under his leadership, the school has revolutionized the education system. The level of parent engagement at Rocketship is remarkable. Unlike most schools where parents don’t know who will teach their children, at Rocketship parents help the administration choose teachers through participating in job interviews. The personalized and blended learning methodology adopted by the schools has received national attention. Rocketship has won widespread support for its success, and integration of tradition and modern teaching models have been efficient, and the performance is today better than some of the prestigious private schools in the region. According to the C.E.O, the vision is to spread across all corners of America to reach every student who is from low-income families.

A Decade After Madonna’s Movement Celebrities Still Turn to Kabbalah Centre

It seems like decades ago that Madonna first made a splash by announcing her conversion to the teaching of Kabbalah. She wore the red string bracelet, stopped having Friday night concerts and spoke about the Kabbalah Centre any opportunity she had. She was quickly followed by throngs of celebrity influencers who, for the most part, were not of Jewish descent.

Today, not much has changed. A recent article in Jerusaleum Online again addressed the question of why so many Hollywood stars are drawn to Kabbalah. The article quoted many famous celebrities of the past who sought something larger than themselves within the teachings. Many of these, including Elizabeth Taylor, famously converted to Judiaism and what Kabbalah knows.

Among the reasons outlined in the article, the overarching theme was one of peace and a focus on something greater, especially within the type of chaotic worlds these celebrities find themselves in on a daily basis. Shockingly enough, one of the most moving stories in the article comes from Paris Hilton, who remembers driving immediately to the Kabbalah Centre after undergoing a rough breakup. She went to the Kabbalah Centre to find peace and to surround herself with support and more information click here.

The main focus of Kabbalah has been to come closer to finding the concealed knowledge of God. This includes what can be seen and what can not. It isn’t a shock that these celebrities who have the world at their feet search for something greater than themselves to guide their path.

The Kabbalah Centre was originally established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlang. The famous Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles opened its doors in 1984 with the approach to begin its students with teachings that don’t require or make much reference to Jewish and Hebrew texts and religion. Traditionally Kabbalah Centre teachings were reserved for males over the age of 40. However, all are welcome at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre.

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