The Success Story of Boraie Development

Urban development is one of the industries that have been undergoing growth in the recent years, especially in New Jersey. Boraie Development is one the firms that have propelled fast growth and development of real estates in New Jersey. The firm has also engaged in activities that give back to the community around its operations. For instance, recently, in partnership with The Provident bank Foundation, it has been able to sponsor Free Summer Movie Series in which six movies will be shown for free. This opportunity gives the youth a chance to enjoy their favorite movies with their families during the summer.

According to Phillypurge, Boraie Development has specialized in both residential as well as commercial development projects. However, the success of Boraie Development can be hugely attributed to 72-year-old Omar Boraie, who is a real estate developer. While founding this company back in time, his main objective was servicing development projects in Urban New Brunswick. He recognized the fact that for a company in real estate to be successful, it has to align its activities with the immediate needs of the clients. Omar Boraie has spent most of his years touring through different parts of the globe in assessing and learning diverse residential and commercial developments. He worked in real estate in Europe before heading back to New Brunswick to start his own company. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

Sam Boraie had a dream of creating his own real estate company, and he made this idea a reality in the year 1972. Boraie Development encountered numerous challenges during the first years of operation as this was a very competitive industry. During its early years of operation, the company began by building condominiums as well as high-rise offices in the downtown of New Brunswick. Albany Street Plaza Tower represents one of the most successful undertakings by this company. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

Boraie Development has its headquarters in New Brunswick, and it has been able to offer services in all aspects of urban real estate. The firm has teams whose main objective is to ensure that there is sustainability as well as excellence in all the undertakings of the firm in the real estate industry. With an experience of over thirty years now, Boraie Development boasts to be one of the most recognized real estate developers in New Jersey. Their services are provided with all the necessary fine details that investors would want to see. Their sales and marketing team has created thrilling ads for the sake of helping clients obtain vital information.

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