Unveiling DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Roots and Road to Prosperity

Hussain Sajwani has led a remarkable life coming from a middle-class family into becoming one of the world’s most affluent and most influential entrepreneurs. Hussain is currently the CEO, founder, and chairman of DAMAC properties, a company he started in 2002 and has since grown into a market leader in Middle East’s real estate industry. Before founding DAMAC properties, Hussain ran a food business after veering off from employment where he worked for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for two years. Hussain is also an alumnus of the Washington University where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering.

The two above mentioned settings equipped DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani to grow his food business into a global block that supplies foodstuffs to various military bases and other food joints feeding thousands situated in the Middle East and Africa. Seeing the rapidly expanding real estate industry in Dubai attracted Hussain (@hussainsajwani) to start venturing into the business. It inspired the founding of DAMAC properties in 2002 that has undeniably grown into one of the largest property development firms on a global scope.

Under DAMAC Properties’ management are a vast 44,000 luxury apartment units some finished and some still undergoing development. Hussain Sajwani is also known to a business partner to United States’ President, Donald Trump. Underway is the Tiger Woods-designed golf course that has been developed by DAMAC but is being overseen by The Trump Organization. DAMAC has also stretched out of the norm to co-brand with one of the world’s most significant brands such as Versace, Bugatti, Paramount Pictures and Fendi. These companies have partnered with DAMAC in the development of various high-end luxury villas, fashion houses, and hotels. DAMAC Group has indeed shown its immense efforts into revolutionizing the real estate industry at large.

Coming from a middle-classed family himself, Hussain Sajwani is well groomed about the struggles that come along with growing up with no silver lining. He likes to indulge in charity work with his recent efforts being recognized when he supported the clothing of two million less fortunate children from around the world. He injected AED two million into the initiative that went to keeping thousands of children warm.

Robert Ivy Says That Professional Organizations Are Important To Young Professionals

Whereas college and on-job-training boards impart graduates with the knowledge they need to improve their workplace productivity, professional societies play a significant role in the graduates’ career success. How?

Following are the different ways in which organizations help young professional’s to advance to the industry’s top tier.

1. The organizations provide an excellent networking platform
According to Robert Ivy, a senior executive at the American Institute of Architects, professional organizations hold annual summits that connect employees to their prospective employers.

The conferences present young professionals with an opportunity to meet and share ideas with peers and as well as successful pacesetters. Besides networking, societies organize contests that boost the credibility of young professionals.

2. Professional organizations have an archive of educational materials
Many professional organizations have a library of data, tools, and other learning materials tailored to the needs of its members. Most of the organizations have a team of researchers who replenish their library with fresh information.

Robert Ivy says that the resources are essential for new employees, or creatives who wish to reinvent the wheel. “Accessing important data and information from an association’s archive is easier than piloting your research,” adds Reggie Henry, an administrative officer at ASAE.

3. The organizations help its members to hunt for new openings
The professional organizations help its members to establish strong relationships with prospective employers through networking. On the other hand, some professional societies organize job fairs, regional receptions, and professional networks that help its members to discover and apply for new job openings.

4. They lobby for the industry’s best interests
Apart from helping its members to develop their career, professional societies advocate for its member’s best interests. Robert Ivy claims that joining such an organization is the best way to enhance its lobbying power.

Who is Robert Ivy?
Mr. Ivy is a senior executive at the American Institute of architects. Before joining AIA, Mr. Ivy worked as an editor of the Architectural Record journal, and the vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Moreover, Ivy worked as a member of Frank Gehry, the architect firm which designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

Learn more about Robert Ivy: https://www.clintonfoundation.org/blog/authors/robert-ivy-0

Chainsmokers: The Future of EDM/Pop

The Chainsmokers continues to make exceptional sounds, six years after they came together. By the EDM industry standards, they journey has introduced interesting aspects in EDM. For example, they were the first group to co-write and sing on their songs in EDM. This development served as an encouragement to many upcoming and seasoned EDM artists. In addition, they have expanded the EDM audience scope. Musical markets such as Asia and South Africa were previously considered as non-EDM markets but the genre of music is growing in these markets.

After forming the group in 2012, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall experienced their first breakthrough two years later. The group song, #Selfie will always be their market signature. It was their first time for the Chainsmokers to top chats, not only in the USA but also in Europe. Since then, every project they have worked on has always received massive airplay and massive viewership on YouTube. Two of the Chainsmokers songs have over one billion views on YouTube.

Whether they have collaborated with a young talented artist or a big brand such as Coldplay, there is always a uniqueness in the final sound. According to the group, the only criterion of collaborating on a project is musical chemistry between them and the other brand.

In the last 24 months, the group has received more than 16 awards. They have won a Grammy Award, iHeartRadio award, Billboard Award, TeenChoice award among many others. The ability to resonate with all these audiences paints a picture of a world brand in EDM. For the Grammy award last year, the group was recognized for their quality of vocals as well as their exceptional instrumental. Their approach to vocals and instrumentals is the reasons many people continue to refer the group as the future of both EDM and Pop.

The Chainsmokers have always exploited the world of internet in pushing their brand to the world. They point out that the impact of Spotify and iTunes on their musical journey is big. It is from these sources they interact with exceptional sound makers such as fellow EDM artists. Getting inspired by the industry greats is an important part in creating good sounds.