The Hats of Alastair Borthwick

Among the many hats he wore, Alastair Borthwick is remembered for many things throughout his ninety years of life.

A Scotsman born in Rutherglen, a youth in Troon, and a teenager in Glasgow, Alastair would leave school with a job at the Evening Times as a copytaker, though he would quickly move to the Glasgow Weekly Herald as an editor, where he would first hear of his passion: mountaineer. Formerly an activity only of the elite, a number of Glasgow’s poor were suddenly taking it up, hiking, climbing and scaling mountains, camping in caves or sleeping in bothies. His adventures would often end up in the papers, and eventually would end up in his first book, Always a Little Further (1939).

In 1934, while at an interview with the BBC, he casually mentioned his weekend jaunts to the producer, who immediately commissioned a radio talk about the subject. Although this was the first time he had ever been on air, Alastair Borthwick was a natural, and the love his audience had for him didn’t end even after his last broadcast in 1995.

However, energized by all his time well-spent in the highlands, Alastair signed himself into the army at the dawn of the Second World War. As an Intelligence Officer and then later a member of Recon, he went to war, traveling with his unit across North Africa, Europe, visiting Sicily during the conquest, invading Italy and Normandy both, secured Holland’s canal zone, and finally crossed the Rhine river into German for the climax of the war.

But it was the war that would give him his next book. Just before the combat ended, Colonel John Sym of the 5th Seaforth Highlanders gave him permission to trade his parade marches for a pen, as payment for a battalion history. Sans Peur (1946) is an accurate recount and recapture of the experiences for the Seaforths’ from the perspective of a junior officer on the front lines.

Afterwards, Alastair Borthwick looked for a change of pace and decided to remain as a radio and television broadcaster for the rest of his career.

Wes Edens, American Business Entrepreneur

Wes Edens is a successfully American businessperson and also a sports owner. Growing being a competitive skier Edens schooled at Oregon State University and graduated with a degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. His career began in 1987 where he was tasked as a partner and a managing director for six years. Mr Edens was the co-founder of Fortress investment group at 1998. He is not only tasked as a co-founder at Fortress but also a co-owner at Milwaukee Bucks Inc which is a sports club. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

At Fortress investment group Mr wes Edens is tasked with a variety of roles which include being chief investment officer, president of private equity and also principal and private equity chief investment officer. In his position Mr Wes Edens invests in sectors such as media, financial services, healthcare and also infrastructure. Prior to founding Fortress he was a partner at Blackrock financial management .American General Finance was the initial name of Fortress Investment and it came to change when they bought the subprime lender Springfield Financial services under the management of Mr Edens and this caught him his title “New King of subprime Lending”. By 2015 the company was holding assets worth $3.5 billion. The company has grown to even purchase Nationstar mortgage which was previously named as Centex Home Equity Company which was a subprime money lender and Mr Edens is the chairman. Apart from his financial line of work Mr Edens is also a lover of sports. In 2014 Mr Wes Edens and his friend Marc bought the Bucks from Kohl Herb at a $550 million price to keep the team in Wisconsin and to develop a new area to stand for the previous one which was at Harris Bradley centre. With Edens in the team they have managed to be double the amount of their arena to around $1.079 billion as of February 2018.

Mr Edens is a successful man who turns an investment plan into a successful plan From founding his own company to purchasing others and supporting teams is quite evident to explain his success story.

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Oren Frank Stirs Up TalkSpace with the Addition of a Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace, an app based therapy service that provides thousands of its members the ability to seek help from a licensed therapist via text message and or video chat has recently announced to the public that the company will bring on the former chief medical officer of United Health Neil Leibowitz. The hiring by CEO Oren Frank is said to have transpired due to the speculation of the company wanting to go IPO or an Initial Public Offering sometime in the future. The addition of a chief medical officer would surely increase the value of the company and therefore attract potential investors. Watch Oren Frank on Youtube to learn more.

Recently on an interview with CNBC, CEO Oren Frank stated that the company had reached an incredible milestone with its signing up its one-millionth member. The companies success comes as no surprise as it’s been deemed one of the most affordable methods of receiving therapy. In an era of high medical bills, TalkSpace offers their services for only $79 for a weekly therapy membership and $49 to consult with a mental health professional. The company today according to Oren Frank is said to be generating tens of millions of dollars and he hopes that many more can sign up and take advantage of the great service provided by TalkSpace.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the TalkSpace team will also include a few major benefits. These include allowing TalkSpace physicians to prescribe medicine to their users, the procedure, however, will be closely watched over federal and state laws that require these prescriptions to be made only over video-chat. Another benefit to the addition of Neil Leibowitz is the fact that he brings s plethora of experience working as an insurance executive. Neil’s talents will aid CEO Oren Frank in his quest to provide employers the ability to purchase a TalkSpace plan that they can then offer to their employees.

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Madison Street Capital and Mondak Portable LLC

Madison Street Capital Acted as Exclusive Financial Advisor, Arranged a $3.2 M Debt Facility For Mondak Portables LLC


Madison Street Capital (MSC) is an international speculation and investment firm and company which is related to the banking sector. This firm acts as the only and absolute financial mentor and advisor which has been able to arrange almost $3.2MM tally and debt solution and facility provided for the MonDak Portables, LLC which was founded back in 2008 and is based in the city of Epping and North Dakota. MonDak is a famous company that manufactures and produces mobile, transferable and portable toilets. The company provides delivery and discharge which sells and rents or leases mobile toilets throughout the world. The services were provided and facilitated by the North Avenue Capital. The trade and transaction were advertised and annunciated by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botch Way and by Senior Managing Director, Lester Jay Rodger.


Jay Rodger, Senior Managing Director, stated in an interview that they really felt happy as well as satisfied and enjoyed working together and closely with Kathy, Barb, and Rick who directly orated and addressed the capital and paramount needs pedestal and girder for the long-term initiatives, goals, and targets. All the people, the leadership and the working class have put in their efforts and therefore are working at their best. The company as an organization is working day and night to maintain equilibrium and balance for solid growth and progress which is broadcasted by different diverse credentials and capabilities. He added that they feel honored and delightful to work with their hardworking crew and team, ultimately to gain and achieve this success and prospers outcome, result and outgrowth.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an international speculation banking company, organization, and firm which is committed to perfection, virtuousness, integrity, preeminence, goodness, and excellence and in providing financial, fiscal and monetary boon services and facilities to all public and privately ongoing businesses in every field throughout the world. These facilities really help to upgrade and boost the graph of the clients in the world’s market. The company aims to focus on the ultimate goals of the clients and therefore through their dedication, hardworking and core skills have earned their trust.


About MonDak Potables LLC


MonDak facilitates in providing mobile, transferable and portable toilets. They offer different types of mobile toilets to their customers and clients. Their range includes standard mobile toilets, commodity and accessible toilets, comfort stations which have heating systems and so have an air conditioner as well. They sell and rent these toilets to different local parties and other events and festivals across the world as well.


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OSI Industries Helps Clients In The Food Industry

Since OSI Industries is a part of the food services industry, they know there are things they can do that might make the industry better. They also know there are things that might have a direct impact on the way the industry works so they use that to help people have a better experience.

OSI Industries knows the right way to handle business and that’s part of why they do things the way they do. They also know what people look for in a food service company so they make sure they’re able to provide that to their clients no matter what issues they run into. For OSI, this means they have to make sure they’re doing everything the right way and they’re pushing to help more people with all the options they need. Between working with others and pushing to make things easier for all their clients, they feel they have a chance to continue growing.

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Since OSI Industries started out as a small family business, they’ve taken their business further than they knew they would be able to. They started small, but they’ve grown to a global level. They have clients on different continents and they cater to many different businesses. The company spends a lot of time with their global outreach and that’s what makes them want to do things the right way for the business. While they know they can do even more, they want to make sure they keep their clients as their main focus.

By always focusing on clients, they feel they can make things easier for all of them. When the clients are happy, they’re more likely to get more business. Small businesses and larger corporations use OSI Industries. Because they cater to such a wide range of clients, they feel they’re doing everything they can to make things better for everyone. It’s important for the company to help even more with the options they have and that’s what pushes them to help people. Because they know what others need and how to help them with these options, they can give others the right opportunities for success.

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Get to Know Deirdre Baggot

Denver, Colorado-based Deirdre Baggot is a healthcare business strategist and payment expert holding a Ph.D., a BSN, and an MBA. She attended Southern Illinois University, earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She then attended Loyola University Quinlan School of Business in Chicago, earning an MBA. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in Denver. Find out more about of Deirdre at

The Beginning

She began her career at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1997, working as a staff nurse and a resource coordinator. Baggot also held the position of manager of the hospital administration group. She moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2003, where she joined the University of Michigan Health System. She worked for the company as a business analyst and an administrative manager. She won an outstanding leadership in safety award and a Lean/Six Sigma certification during her three-year employment with this organization.

Welcome to Denver

After a 2006 move to Denver, Deirdre began her position as a senior administrator at the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. She was responsible for many areas of business development in this position and oversaw a group of about 450 people in marketing, recruiting, and others. An additional 11 clinics were added during her 4-years with the company. From here, Baggot began a potion at GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles, CA. She held a position as senior vice president with this company.

A Trusted Name in Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot has been a leader in the healthcare systems industry. Each organization that Baggot held a position with benefited considerably from her services and attributions to their company. She’s been featured on numerous NPR shows that highlight her many contributions to the business healthcare systems world. She’s even been asked to serve on the chair for the National Bundled Payment Summit.

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“Marc Beer Raises Money to Improve Women’s Health “

Marc Beer is the CEO and founder of Renovia Incorporation. He got the idea to start the company after receiving a call from a gynecologist called Dr. Iglesias. The gynecologist had performed surgery on the pelvic floor for many years and wanted to help women avoid surgery. He had seen women suffering from extreme pain due to pelvic floor disorder and dedicated his life to finding a solution to the problem. Pelvic floor disorder affects more than 250 million women.


Marc Beer and Dr. Iglesias partnered to form Ronovia. The vision of the company is to improve women’s health through innovative products. The company has worked with other organizations and investors to improve healthcare. Marc Beer stated that any company that wants to succeed must invest in talent acquisition. Renovia comprises of talented and dedicated staff that care about patients. He spent a lot of time looking for the right people to be part of the team. Marc Beer believes in investing in creative ideas to grow the company.


Renovia was created to improve diagnosis, treatment of pelvic floor disorders. It uses innovative sensor technologies and digital health to reach women. Thousands of women suffer in silence due to lack of knowledge and treatment. The company uses technology to develop products. It facilitates affordable visualization and treatment of urinary incontinence.


Furthermore, it collects progress information on women’s pelvic health to know if they are responding to treatment. You need to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to restore pelvic health. The company is committed to alleviating pelvic pain by using innovative and effective products.


Renovia is leading in digital health because it wants all women to access essential services. He is optimistic there will be a breakthrough with digital health shortly. People are embracing disruptive technologies to improve service delivery. Working with people with similar vision and goals helped Beer grow the company. Beer said Iglesias is an amazing partner in the business. Learn more:


Marc Beer raised over 42 million dollars for women’s health startup. Renovia is creating therapeutic and diagnostic products for pelvic floor disorders. The company developed a product called Leva to treat urinary incontinence. The product was approved by FDA, allowing the company to develop it further. Longwood Fund announced its decision to continue investing in the company. The two have worked together in the past to develop Leva.


Marc Beer thanked Longwood Fund for believing in them. He promised the firm that funds would help in research and testing products. The company plans on using technology to develop effective products. Marc Beer has worked with OvaScience before found his company. Many people describe him as hardworking, attentive, and focused. He helped Renovia get where it is today.