Madison Street Capital and Mondak Portable LLC

Madison Street Capital Acted as Exclusive Financial Advisor, Arranged a $3.2 M Debt Facility For Mondak Portables LLC


Madison Street Capital (MSC) is an international speculation and investment firm and company which is related to the banking sector. This firm acts as the only and absolute financial mentor and advisor which has been able to arrange almost $3.2MM tally and debt solution and facility provided for the MonDak Portables, LLC which was founded back in 2008 and is based in the city of Epping and North Dakota. MonDak is a famous company that manufactures and produces mobile, transferable and portable toilets. The company provides delivery and discharge which sells and rents or leases mobile toilets throughout the world. The services were provided and facilitated by the North Avenue Capital. The trade and transaction were advertised and annunciated by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botch Way and by Senior Managing Director, Lester Jay Rodger.


Jay Rodger, Senior Managing Director, stated in an interview that they really felt happy as well as satisfied and enjoyed working together and closely with Kathy, Barb, and Rick who directly orated and addressed the capital and paramount needs pedestal and girder for the long-term initiatives, goals, and targets. All the people, the leadership and the working class have put in their efforts and therefore are working at their best. The company as an organization is working day and night to maintain equilibrium and balance for solid growth and progress which is broadcasted by different diverse credentials and capabilities. He added that they feel honored and delightful to work with their hardworking crew and team, ultimately to gain and achieve this success and prospers outcome, result and outgrowth.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an international speculation banking company, organization, and firm which is committed to perfection, virtuousness, integrity, preeminence, goodness, and excellence and in providing financial, fiscal and monetary boon services and facilities to all public and privately ongoing businesses in every field throughout the world. These facilities really help to upgrade and boost the graph of the clients in the world’s market. The company aims to focus on the ultimate goals of the clients and therefore through their dedication, hardworking and core skills have earned their trust.


About MonDak Potables LLC


MonDak facilitates in providing mobile, transferable and portable toilets. They offer different types of mobile toilets to their customers and clients. Their range includes standard mobile toilets, commodity and accessible toilets, comfort stations which have heating systems and so have an air conditioner as well. They sell and rent these toilets to different local parties and other events and festivals across the world as well.


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