How Agera Energy Is Creating Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable energy has been becoming more and more common of the past few decades, with the most recent surge in popularity coming in the last few years. However, supply is still playing catch up with demand, leaving many customers struggling to find an efficient and reliable sustainable energy provider. This has been something that Agera Energy has been working on over the past few years, growing its sustainable energy network through the purchase of key infrastructure across the country. Agera Energy has also been creating partnerships with a variety of key wind power suppliers around the United States. Follow Agera Energy on

With this, Agera Energy has begun offering a variety of renewable energy packages to many of its clients; these packages have been snapped up quickly because of the benefits that they provide to customers. Chief among these is the reduction in their environmental footprint, but Agera Energy has also been making wind power supply much more feasible for their customers. Chief among this package is the Pure Wind product, which lets customers supplement their current sources of energy with wind power. With this, Agera has said that wind power will be able to make up between 50% and 100% of the customer’s energy supply. This alone would be a significant reason for people to consider switching, but Agera Energy has managed to make them even more appealing.

Check: Not only is Agera’s Pure Wind product just as efficient and reliable as alternative sources, but there’s also the fact that it’s just as affordable, if not more affordable, than many competitors. Because of this, the energy supplies that Agera Energy can provide wind up being much more financially feasible than sticking with certain energy supplies. Agera Energy has built itself a reputation based on serving their customers needs and going above and beyond as much as possible. This has led the company to constantly innovating in their field while also providing a significant amount of positive customer service. Since being founded, the company has continued to grow and currently has almost two million customers in the United States. With the recent unveiling of many sustainable energy supplies, this is sure to continue to grow. Read more about Agera Energy at

The business approach of Vijay Eswaran

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a man who has had to overcome great odds in his life to become the business oracle he is today. Born to a humble family with little financial means, Vijay Eswaran had to create his own luck and, lucky for him, his relentless spirit fueled his quest to start his own company. This was in 1998, and even though Vijay Eswaran did not have the money or deep connections he would count on his determination and his clear goal of not going back to employment again. True to his ambitions, Eswaran never looked back, and that marked the genesis of a vast business empire, QI Group.

Today, QI Group is a major player in several sectors such as marketing, education, and hospitality. The success of his company has placed Vijay Eswaran on a catbird seat where he is able to largely influence business in his native country of Malaysia. According to Eswaran, he is, for the most part, interested in initiating projects that create employment for his people and also empower the women of Malaysia.

Service above self is the major mantra that has informed Vijay’s life, and it is also the same philosophy he has based his business upon. He believes in exceeding client’s expectations and going over and above in providing service. This is, especially, crucial in the catering industry where it is all about quality of service. Vijay Eswaran constantly reminds his team and himself the benefits of maintaining a humble mindset even though QI Group is among the top 40 global companies.

He maintains the same approach when bringing new people on board, be it, partners or employees. Vijay Eswaran adds that his business experience has inclined him to work with people who share the same principles, vision, and goals because it gets things done in a more effective way.

The Legend of the Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

60 companies benefit from the work of Shervin Pishevar. As a venture capitalist, he seeded money to those ventures. Thanks to access to valuable funding, these companies were able to take their first steps. Other people benefit from the work of Shervin Pishevar. He is a well-known philanthropist. Pishevar’s work for charitable institutions is worthy of praise. And there’s another way he seeks to help others. Pishevar is a prolific activist on Twitter. February of 2018 saw him launch into an incredible tweet storm. For 21 hours, the entrepreneur and venture capitalist shared his musings on a wide variety of topics.

Sending out tweets is commonplace among public figures wishing to send out information. Tweet storms take things to the next level. A lengthy tweet storm, one that spans several hours, is sure to get attention. Followers who may otherwise ignore a tweet or two could take notice of dozens of tweets rapidly alerting their notification settings.

Whether they heed any advice in the tweets is unknown. Hopefully, some of Pishevar’s followers at least weighed his opinions about a few topics covered in the tweet storm.

Shervin Pishevar warned of a massive Bitcoin disaster. As anyone following the cryptocurrency market knows, Bitcoin lost an incredible amount of value throughout the year. Pishevar’s worries about the stock market, however, did not come to fruition. He believed the market might drop about 6,000 points. The stock market has experienced strange ups and downs. Gains end up wiped away by losses only to see the market bounce back.

Opinions about the stock market vary. No one seems to be able to place a finger on where the Dow Jones will go. Unease about the U.S./China trade war makes predictability even more difficult. Shervin Pishevar went out on a proverbial limb suggesting the market is headed towards financial crisis-level collapse. What will the future reveal about his prediction?

The Shervin Pishevar tweet storm has become somewhat legendary. Even though one year passed, the tweets are still worth reading. Other topics such as technology and antitrust interventions also raise eyebrows even after 12 months.

Sandy Chin shares 5 tips for why mentorship is important to having a fruitful career

Sandy Chin, the portfolio analyst, and businesswoman explains in an article from Gazette Day about the importance of having a mentor. Sandy Chin is knowledgeable in the business field as she has over 20 years of experience, which makes her a good candidate for speaking about this topic. She attended Barnard College and New York University’s Stern School of Business with a bachelors degree in political science, along with the MBA. Sandy Chin had a mentor for herself in William “Bill” Leach who showed her the ropes of being a portfolio manager and more about stocks. She launched her own company called Tidal Bore Capital with help from her mentor. Aside from all this, she plays a role in assisting the community with volunteering for a non-profit called StreetSquash that helps children and families living in both Newark and Harlem. SHe also gives advice to other women in the finance world who are looking to find themselves and seek employment. Chin is an individual who is motivated and driven to succeed as the article reinforces some comments made from the businesswoman in an interview for employees to not be scared and to take the risk to ask for more that include asking for a higher wage, more opportunities, promotions, being involved in meetings, or working the phones. The world can be scary and daunting for many upcoming people looking for a profitable and fruitful career in business.

Sandy Chin gives 5 complete reasons why people should seek a mentor to advance their career with the first being in learning valuable lessons. Chin reflects that she learned a lot from having a mentor in not turning down meetings and to always ask questions along the way. The next example that she uses is gaining new skills and an understanding of what it can take to advance as she credits her own mentorship with Bill Leach. Networking still becomes a valuable tool for anyone in their career and knowing the right people can simply open up doors. Having a mentor can lead to other opportunities or changes that need to be made.

Sandy credits the next tip to get the most out of a mentor in asking questions. Aside from gaining new knowledge in the industry, asking questions helps develop connections with a firm or business. And the last tip that the entrepreneur shares is the interesting claim that mentors can teach others about their shortcomings or mistakes and help them not make the same one. Everyone makes mistakes but avoiding them can make life much easier. Overall, having a mentor can be an awarding and crucial step to anyone’s journey according to Sandy Chin.

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