Sandy Chin shares 5 tips for why mentorship is important to having a fruitful career

Sandy Chin, the portfolio analyst, and businesswoman explains in an article from Gazette Day about the importance of having a mentor. Sandy Chin is knowledgeable in the business field as she has over 20 years of experience, which makes her a good candidate for speaking about this topic. She attended Barnard College and New York University’s Stern School of Business with a bachelors degree in political science, along with the MBA. Sandy Chin had a mentor for herself in William “Bill” Leach who showed her the ropes of being a portfolio manager and more about stocks. She launched her own company called Tidal Bore Capital with help from her mentor. Aside from all this, she plays a role in assisting the community with volunteering for a non-profit called StreetSquash that helps children and families living in both Newark and Harlem. SHe also gives advice to other women in the finance world who are looking to find themselves and seek employment. Chin is an individual who is motivated and driven to succeed as the article reinforces some comments made from the businesswoman in an interview for employees to not be scared and to take the risk to ask for more that include asking for a higher wage, more opportunities, promotions, being involved in meetings, or working the phones. The world can be scary and daunting for many upcoming people looking for a profitable and fruitful career in business.

Sandy Chin gives 5 complete reasons why people should seek a mentor to advance their career with the first being in learning valuable lessons. Chin reflects that she learned a lot from having a mentor in not turning down meetings and to always ask questions along the way. The next example that she uses is gaining new skills and an understanding of what it can take to advance as she credits her own mentorship with Bill Leach. Networking still becomes a valuable tool for anyone in their career and knowing the right people can simply open up doors. Having a mentor can lead to other opportunities or changes that need to be made.

Sandy credits the next tip to get the most out of a mentor in asking questions. Aside from gaining new knowledge in the industry, asking questions helps develop connections with a firm or business. And the last tip that the entrepreneur shares is the interesting claim that mentors can teach others about their shortcomings or mistakes and help them not make the same one. Everyone makes mistakes but avoiding them can make life much easier. Overall, having a mentor can be an awarding and crucial step to anyone’s journey according to Sandy Chin.

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