The business approach of Vijay Eswaran

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a man who has had to overcome great odds in his life to become the business oracle he is today. Born to a humble family with little financial means, Vijay Eswaran had to create his own luck and, lucky for him, his relentless spirit fueled his quest to start his own company. This was in 1998, and even though Vijay Eswaran did not have the money or deep connections he would count on his determination and his clear goal of not going back to employment again. True to his ambitions, Eswaran never looked back, and that marked the genesis of a vast business empire, QI Group.

Today, QI Group is a major player in several sectors such as marketing, education, and hospitality. The success of his company has placed Vijay Eswaran on a catbird seat where he is able to largely influence business in his native country of Malaysia. According to Eswaran, he is, for the most part, interested in initiating projects that create employment for his people and also empower the women of Malaysia.

Service above self is the major mantra that has informed Vijay’s life, and it is also the same philosophy he has based his business upon. He believes in exceeding client’s expectations and going over and above in providing service. This is, especially, crucial in the catering industry where it is all about quality of service. Vijay Eswaran constantly reminds his team and himself the benefits of maintaining a humble mindset even though QI Group is among the top 40 global companies.

He maintains the same approach when bringing new people on board, be it, partners or employees. Vijay Eswaran adds that his business experience has inclined him to work with people who share the same principles, vision, and goals because it gets things done in a more effective way.