Fox News Tries To Throw Bernie Sanders Under The Bus, And They Can’t

Socialism is a form of government where the government owns and controls the means of production. Essentially, the government is very hands-on in the economy. This has led to some terrible conditions in countries like Venezuela, and Thor Halvorssen knows this all too well. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation saw his father taken into custody as a political prisoner in Venezuela when he was young. It took concerted efforts from human rights organizations around the world to free his father. Now, you might think this would lead Thor Halvorssen to hate socialism, but he’s smarter than that and he showed it on a recent Fox News interview.


Fox News came out with guns blazing, asking the human rights activist why socialism is a violation of basic human rights in the beginning of the three-minute interview. Thor Halvorssen fires back. He educates the hostess about socialism; that socialism itself is not necessarily a bad thing. He lays down countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark as examples of socialist governments that do right by the people. The problem with Venezuela, he says, is that the dictator used the socialist government to violate the human rights of its citizens. He makes it very clear that socialism is a tool that can be used for good or bad, and that it is the people running the government that must choose.


It’s clear that the conservative news network is trying to throw Bernie Sanders under the bus in this interview. The interviewer claims that Bernie Sanders’s is agenda is extreme socialism and has even been criticized by people on the left. This obviously isn’t true, as Thor Halvorssen eloquently points out. But the news anchor keeps pushing, trying to get the world-famous human rights activist to claim that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. But Thor Halvorssen is on to what they’re trying to do.


After the anchor does not listen to Mr Halvorssen, claiming she did not want to get bogged down in details, he hits her with some startling information — he is an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders and a maximum financial contributor to his campaign. Find Thor Halvorssen on Facebook to keep up with his goings-on.