Neurocore, The solution To Depression

Depression is a major health issue affecting most people in this new generation, and due to social stigmas or even the high cost of treatment, most depressed people don’t seek medical attention. This has led to many deaths as most of them prefer committing suicide or engaging in alcohol and drug abuse. Those that decided to try getting help were treated with the two traditional methods; physiotherapy and or medical prescription. The medical order sometimes had side effects that other patients could not withstand. Due to this, the modern neuroscience mode of treatment was introduced. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore Brain performance centers are known for using this method to treat depression and other mental disorders. Neurofeedback method involves learning the patient’s brain activities and identifying the problem. In the Neurocore brain performance centers, the process begins with a custom ‘hat,’ that is used to observe the patients brains different electrical activities. From this procedure, the specialist will know the strong and weak parts of the brain.

Neurofeedback training is what follows; it involves the patient’s mind by watching a movie of his choice as he has worn an ‘EEG hat.’ The hat detects when the brains waves and will pause it when the brain ain’t functioning as expected which leads to improvement of the brain function. Biofeedback Training is the other procedure, and a lot of exercises is involved to ensure great circulation of the blood to the brain.


Neurocore brain performance centers were founded in 2004. The specialists in the centers are experts in various brain and behavioral disorders. Such as; depression, memory loss, anxiety, stress, ADHP a, d ASD. They use modern neuroscience to treat all the mentioned disorders. The centers are located in Boca Raton, West Bloomfield, Sterling height, Grand Rapids and Grandville. Neurocore has also introduced remote centers and home neurofeedback programs home programs has enabled most patients to undergo the treatment without being at the center facilities. It helps in avoiding social stigma from the surrounding community. Neurocore pieces of training and activities help children and adults to improve their brain functions hence increasing the brains concentration level. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.