Daniel Bethelmy-Rada talks about R.A.W

Global brand president for biolage/matrix, Daniel Bethelmy-Rada together with his team has been working tirelessly to come up with R.A.W which is the new product by the brand. The US-based hair care brand president with an interview with the monthly digest where he was disclosing the inspirations behind the project and also the challenges that they faced as a team.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada states that the idea for R.A.W came up as there was increased demand for natural products in the market. Daniel Bethlemy-Rada and his team realized that consumers no longer wanted hair care products that are semi-natural or naturally inspired.

Daniel explains that the formulas used to manufacture their hair care products rely heavily on a series of highly biodegradable ingredients which are both natural and effective. He added that they never use sulfate, silicone or parabens in their products which include Bulgarian coriander, Moroccan volcanic clay, and Bolivian quinoa.

Daniel bethelmy-Rada insisted that these products are manufactured from traceable and sustainable sources with keenly regulated formulas to ensure that the products environmentally friendly. Matrix looks at the lifecycle of the used methods from the start to the end to provide resource minimization and also enhance productivity.

Matrix hair care brand get its ingredients seaweeds, plants, honey minerals, and even fungi. They package their products in recyclable conditioner and shampoo bottles.

Daniel and his team had the challenge to make sure that R.A.W meets the L’Oreal’s standards in terms of manufacturing and packaging.

The primary problem was financial one since a lot of research and tests which were not planned for had to be done. All the activities required a considerable investment, and also they had to keep on time so as not to meet the deadline for launching the product.

Dan and his team also had the challenge to promote their product to professional salons. They had to form a programme that taught more than 700 salons in the US and even came up with the #LiveRAW and using the firm’s Instagram as a digital platform for promoting their brand.