Securus Technologies blasts GTL for failing to uphold Integrity

Securus Technologies leads in the provision of telecommunication and technological solutions to facilitate the pursuit of civil and criminal justice. The company’s mission is to provide technological solutions that boost the safety of all society members, inmates and parolees included [].

In a press release on June 16, 2016, published on PR Newswire, Securus announced its intention to castigate Global Tel Link (GTL), [] a telecom carrier, for engaging in a series of wrongdoings while providing telecommunication services to the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Addressing the issue, Securus CEO, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, observed that GTL’s actions betrayed the industry’s culture of integrity. He stated that by virtue of selling sensitive services such as inmates’ communication and monitoring to public entities, carriers must desist from profiteering. Rather, they should be driven by the noble aim of nurturing and maintaining safety in societies and efficiency in institutions [].
In a bid to promote adherence to high integrity in the telecom industry, Securus will review the Order No. U-20784-B made by the Louisiana Public Service Commission regarding the dishonorable acts by GTL. Further, Securus will condemn the regrettable actions of GTL as are outlined by the Louisiana PSC. Among GTL’s potential wrongdoings, the PSC highlighted the following;
• Compromised telephone clocks: GTL used clocks that were programmed to add from 15 to 36 seconds to each outbound call from the correctional facility
• Overcharging: GTL unlawfully charged the facility’s outgoing calls at rates higher than the PSC’s cap or the rates defined by the carrier’s tariff
• Artificial call-cost inflation: the carrier increased money paid by the facility for calls by adding hidden fees to the cost of each call
• Double pricing: the carrier billed the facility for the same calls twice
• It was established that GTL’s actions were deliberate.
• Because of GTL’s misconducts, taxpayers might have suffered an additional tax burden of over $1,243,000
Securus Technologies has remained a champion of professionalism and a pacesetter in the telecommunication industry, says BBB. With this press release, the firm sought to prompt all industry players to maintain high integrity levels in serving the public.

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