OSI Industries is Becoming a Notable Company

There are many meat processing companies around the globe, and one of the biggest companies in that industry is OSI Industries. It was originially founded in 1909 and the first name of the company was Otto & Sons until 1975 when it changed into its current company name.

OSI Industries bought Baho Food in 2016, a manufacturer, from the Netherlands and Germany, that manufactures convenient food such as deli meats and snacks for food and retail services. Buying Baho Food was deemed an excellent idea because it allows the company to expand more of their service to further regions of Europe. Their customers’ needs are evolving as they are becoming more known, and so it is a great opportunity to offer more for their customers and to broaden their brand.

There are already five secondary processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany that Baho Food has to continue serving their existing customers. The companies that serve in 18 European countries are Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, and Henri van de Bilt. John Balvers is still the managing director at Baho Food, and along with his team of managers, they will continue to work with their own business as well as be a part of OSI Industries so that the companies can strategize what to do to continue to grow their now combined companies.

Mr. Balvers claims to be ecstatic of both companies coming together, especially since OSI Industries has such an eminent relationship with their customers and suppliers. And now with Baho Food, it will help to bring in more customers which they will be able to offer more products and fulfill their needs. The companies can work to help strengthen each other and reach their goals by providing the best service possible.

And because of their outstanding customer service and management, OSI Industries won a Globe of Honour Award in 2016 from the British Safety Council. To win this achievement, a company must earn five stars between August 2015 to July 2016 in the British Safety Council management, and the company was able to exceed. It comes to no surprise that the company has earned much respect for their great business since they were awarded a Globe of Honour, and they will most likely earn more awards.

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A Review of Jose Borghi’s Incredible Ad Career

Advertising is one of the most realistic strategies for reaching your target audience. Jose Henrique ranks among the most prolific and successful advertising executives in Brazil. He heads Mullen Lowe Brasil, a prominent ad agency that is credited for being behind some of the most enchanting ad campaigns. Its most memorable ad campaign is Mammals Parmalat, which featured children posing while dressed up like stuffed animals. The ad’s objective was to raise public awareness concerning wildlife conservation.

Borghi’s Career

Despite the insurmountable success that Jose Borghi has had, he initially never thought of pursuing a career in advertising. His turning point came after he accompanied his older sister to a performance theater to watch a presentation. He was captivated and decided that he was going to work in the ad industry.Borghi’s growing interest in advertisement saw him join PUC Campinas where he honed his skills. After completing his studies in 1989, the Presidente Prudente native joined Standard Ogilvy where he was employed as an ad creator. He impressed his bosses within the first few months, something that saw him scale the corporate ladder rapidly. He similarly had stints at Talent, Leo Burnett, DM9/DDB, FBB, and other notable ad agencies.

Mullen Lowe Brasil

After garnering enough experience, Jose Borghi chose to venture into entrepreneurship in 2006 after partnering with Erh Ray. This partnership gave rise to Borghi Lowe. Despite starting with zero capital, he was zealous in his efforts to transform the startup into a dominant force. This commitment saw the company grow rapidly since it mainly targeted the middle-segment market, which Borghi realized was largely ignored by other agencies.To attain a global outlook, Borghi Lowe recently joined forces with Mullen Group to form Mullen Lowe Brasil. Jose is the company’s co-CEO. Under his leadership, the company is already undertaking ad campaigns on behalf of prominent corporations including Delta Airlines and American Express. Read More.

Marc Sparks is a Self Made Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and author and continues to take ideas and turn them into business. Mr. Sparks graduated from high school in 1975 in Austin, Texas and has been associated with numerous start-ups. Some of those start-ups were phenomenally successful, while others were nothing more than a disaster. Sparks set out on the entrepreneurial trail with no formal training, but he had a tremendous interest in business and no fear of failure.

Mr. Sparks builds companies from ideas that others think are impossible. He has the ability to think beyond the boundaries and applies some basic and unconventional principals of business; he sets about developing a business model and acquiring the necessary resources to operate the business. Sparks focuses on one task at a time and when that task is complete he moves on to the next. That assures him of covering all the bases and creating continuity within the business model and operation.

Marc Sparks authored a book “They Can’t Eat You” and discusses his entrepreneurial path and what it took to succeed. He is very frank about his success, as well as his failures and how they affected his thinking and his overall business methodology. He wants readers to know success is possible, but the road to that success is sprinkled with speed bumps and pot holes. It is possible to navigate those speed bumps and pot holes and still be successful. Often times a failure leads to greater success because it makes the entrepreneur redefine the strategy and turn a failure into a success.

One of Sparks’s success stories is Timber Creek, LP. It is a private equity firm and helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams in a successful reality. Timber Creek provides entrepreneurs are provided with the necessary support staff, networking, marketing, intellectual capital, banking expertise, customer service expertise, web development, graphic arts, accounting, legal expertise, equipment, office space and more than 35 years of entrepreneurial expertise. All this help is designed to take a business idea from concept to fruition. When an entrepreneur has the Marc Sparks and Timber Creek method as part of their repertoire, they are well armed to succeed in business.



Squaw Valley Publishes Statement Regarding Upper Mountain Water Quality


Squaw Valley has now issued a comprehensive statement in response to news that went around this week that E. coli and some coliform bacteria were discovered in the drinking water at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley.


The potential health hazard was first reported on November 8th to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. From that time, the water is being treated consistently and is exhibiting tremendous improvement. Currently, three out of the four main wells that serve the upper mountain are showing very low levels of coliform and no E. coli. The good news was announced via Sierra Sub on Tuesday by Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health.


While all restaurants at the upper mountain remained closed most of this week and skiers are not permitted to drink water until the issue is totally resolved. However, no any health issues have been reported, and the top-to-bottom skiing is permitted to continue safely at the prestigious ski resort.


Squaw Valley statement

Here is the full statement as seen on the Sun on Wednesday, November 30, by Liesl Kenney. Kenney is the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

These are the real facts regarding water quality at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. In October 2016, a rare heavy rain storm affected some water systems around Placer County. At the Squaw Valley, the unusual weather phenomenon led to an inundation of the upgraded water project installed over the summer of this year at the High Camp as well as at the Gold Coast. The event resulted in a contamination of the water system.

However, this issue was only limited to that water system, and none of Squaw Valley’s other water systems were affected as a result. It should be noted that at no single point was the contaminated water availed to the public.


After some routine testing detected the contamination issue, we immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health together with the Squaw Valley Public Service District. We also moved fast to consult other prominent water safety experts. Through their help, we have taken drastic steps to address the issue, and we intend to continue doing that until the water in the reserves returns to normal levels. Due to this, we will not return to our normal water usage at the High Camp or the Gold Coast until we are completely assured by health officials together with other professionals that the water is safe.


The welfare of our beloved customers is paramount to Squaw Valley, and that is the reason we are taking that issue quite seriously, as we normally do to all safety issues. While this matter is being resolved, our esteemed guests at the High Camp and Gold Coast will enjoy normal and total access to our facilities which will include free bottled water for drinking. In the meanwhile, we will update all our guests when the water experts confirm that this matter has been resolved fully.


We would wish to thank the Placer County as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District for their immense assistance and constant cooperation with this matter.


Jason Halpern, A Dedicated Real Estate Expert.

Jason Halpern is a man with experience in real estate development. Having been brought up in a family that has been in real estate business for three generations, Jason knew what he wanted to do. He groomed his expertise at Halpern Enterprises, a firm that was owned by his late dad. The Halpern family has run real estate companies for over 50 years giving Jason strong foundation. It is the strong foundation that enabled him to start the now successful boutique development firm, JMH Development.


JMH Development has developed and acquired landmark buildings and other innovative properties. The company is very sensitive to the community in which they develop and also believes in historic preservation. The full-service real estate development firm focuses on restoration of historic properties and adaptive reuse projects. Jason as the managing partner of the company and with his passion for developing in historic districts, he has led the company to pioneer developments in Miami Beach, Brooklyn and Manhattan among other places. The leading real estate firm has also built apartments in New York City and Westchester County.


Jason Halpern is well known for his leadership in the company, where they have been able to turn a warehouse into luxury apartments. The luxury apartments at one time served as his office and also a penthouse apartment. He also spearheaded an adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara to make it a 235-room hotel in Aloft South Beach. Jason can balance between his demanding job as he is a hands-on person, and being a caring father to his son Max. He is engaged to Veronika Gomeniouk. He is sensitive to historically significant buildings and ensures he delivers quality and enduring properties.


JMH Development is a developer and also an owner of significant commercial and residential properties across the country. Jason Halpern is a boxing fan, loves racing and is also a philanthropist. He supports the Joel. A. Halpern Trauma Centre which offers open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and complex emergency neurosurgery. The center also caters for pregnant women, children and burn victims. His kind actions have been extended to Nepal and Ethiopia locals who have benefited from water projects. The projects are done through Relief Society of Tigray and Splash following a partnership between JMH and global water non-profit charity.


John Goullet Contribution to the IT Industry

John Goullet graduated from Ursinus College in 1983. There, he pursued a master’s degree in Computer Science. Upon graduation, he started a career in I.T consultancy. In the consultancy business, Goullet played a significant role in the success of several established IT ventures.

With years of experience in the consultancy industry and a wide range of knowledge in regards to market trends, he switched to IT staffing in 1994 and consequently formed Info Technologies. The primary goal of this company was to offer IT solutions to the Fortune 500 companies globally.

Within a period of 5 years, under John Goullet, Info Technologies had grown to over 30 million dollars in value. He saw the company get listed as number 8 in Inc. Magazine among the top 500 fastest growing enterprises. In the year 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant.Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC. After the merger, Mr. John goullet took the position of Principal in DIVERSANT LLC, a position he still holds today. In this role, goullet is responsible for coming up with solutions to challenges affecting the company in regards to the dynamic I.T world. Under his guidance, the company has been able to select the finest brains to be part of their industrious and innovative team. This has assured the company’s success remain unrivalled.

Even with the downturn in the economy, Diversant LLC has continued to register drastic growth. This kind of growth can be attributed to teamwork, professionalism among many others qualities exercised by its workers. Goullet, as a leader, has always advised his employees to be disciplined and respectful to its clients. Creative thinking is also among the attributes employees are encouraged to possess. The company lists as the biggest company in the United States of America to be owned by an African-American. The company has now fully, been recognized as a Minority-owned. It also holds the largest market share in its industry.

The certification was proof of its ability to provide I.T staffing services to its clients. The chairman, John Goullet said that they were pleased with the award. He regarded the certification to the commitment of his workers.

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IAP Worldwide Services Offers Key Technical and Logistical Support Services Globally

IAP International is a leading global services firm that has been operational for over 60 years. It provides support services to the U.S. and global government agencies as well as private organizations. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services – ViaSat

Some of its program management services include global scale logistics, management of facilities as well as advanced technical and professional services. Today, IAP employs over 2,000 employees in over 25 countries. It solves key challenges facing both the private and public sectors.

The company engages in a variety of services including the unexpected. This ranges from overseas battles to natural disasters. It has years of experience in planning, coordinating and carrying out complicated technical and logistical challenges. It has the capability to operate, manage and maintain military installations, civilian facilities as well as remote research laboratories. It also delivers technologies, personnel and appropriate program management required to support the workforce flexibility needs of its clients internationally. Learn more about IAP Worldwide: https://www.linkedin.com/company/iap-worldwide-services and https://www.iapws.com/

Reliable Market Leader

For over sixty years, IAP has managed to build a firm reputation as a reliable market leader by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. It has set itself apart as a trusted partner offering reliable solutions to some of its customers’ key problems. It has managed to build a strong reputation through channeling passion, experience and conviction by coming up with inventive solutions with exceptional results.

History of the Company

IAP Worldwide was founded in 1990 in Irmo, SC. By then, the company specialized in logistics and procurement services. It secured a contract to supply the U.S. Army with generator supplies and ended up providing key operational services during the Dessert Storm operation.

Since then, it has secured key procurement contracts with the U.S Army to offer transportation, emergency disaster relief and power generation services. By 2004, IAP held a whopping $370 m worth of government services contracts.

In 2005, IAP acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. and all its subsidiaries to become IAP Worldwide. It specialized in three business lines – Base Operations Support, Global Operations and offering technical and professional services to clients. It helps clients solve complex challenges, and responds to rapidly evolving changes in the international environment.

In 2006, IAP Worldwide acquired a British engineering firm called G3 Systems Ltd. G3 provided support services to the British government and had the capability to operate in harsh environments. Today, IAP Worldwide is headed by Douglas Kitani as CEO and Director. His Executive Vice President and CFO is Terry Rosa. The firm’s corporate headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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Securus Exposes Global Tel Link Wrongdoings

A leading provider of criminal justice technology in the United States, Securus Technologies, stated that that they plan on releasing a number of individual reports that will expose a wide range of unlawful conduct by Global Tel Link, one of the country’s leading corrections industry telecommunications providers. The announcement was the first in a series of reports that Securus will publish highlighting integrity breaches by GTL over the next six months.

GTL Misconduct

The first report involves GTL activities when they provided telecommunications services for inmates in the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus reports that during this time GTL added extra seconds to calls. GTL also set its telephones to rate calls at higher rates than are currently allowed under tariffs. Plus, GTL added extra charges to each call after it had already been rated and billed calls multiple times. Securus notes that these violations were performed with full knowledge of GTL. As a result of these practices, Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by GTL by the amount of $1,243,000.

As just the first in their series of reports to be released over the coming months, it remains to be seen the further GTL wrongdoings that will be revealed by Securus. If the blatant and unlawful nature of the GTL wrongdoings when providing telecommunications services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections are any indication, the oncoming reports will serve to further tarnish GTL’s reputation. Securus stated that in releasing this report, they are hoping to shame GTL into adopting ethical practices.

About Securus Technologies

From their Dallas, Texas headquarters, Securus Technologies serves a wide variety of corrections agencies and many inmates. The organization provides telecommunications and monitoring services and products that are aimed at increasing security in the corrections industry and promoting public safety, and is dedicated to ethical and lawful practices.

Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

How Does Gold Coin Ownership Change investment Portfolios?

Portfolios are going to change every day as people invest in the stock market, but a lot of those people miss the best chance they will ever have to invest their money. The US Money Reserve is a place that creates its own gold coins, and it is led by Philip Diehl who used to lead the US Mint. He is a major proponent of gold coin investment, and he talked to the people over at epodcastnetwork.com about what it means to own gold coins.

He talks about gold coins as something that people can invest in that is not like the stock market at all. On their Facebook wall, it was reported that the precious metals market is something that people can watch because it is always fluctuating, but it does not involve businesses that could fold the US Money Reserve.

There is always going to be gold and silver for people to trade in, and they will be able to make money in markets in countries around the world. All these countries have their own markets, and they all have gold to trade in.

There are some people who want to trade in something that is not going to be as complicated as the stock market. Watching businesses and stock markets is hard because there are so many places to spend the money.

There are a lot of people who are trying to make sure that they make the most money possible, and they want to trade in gold through coins because coins are much easier than stocks. The coins that are going to help people the most are going to have designs on them, and the US Money Reserve makes coins like that every day. These coins are great to look at, and they have value on the market for traders and collectors.

The same thing can be done with coins if people just want to hold on to them. Philip Diehl knows that there are a lot of people who would prefer to keep their coins stored away somewhere, and then they can just take them out and sell them in the future – https://twitter.com/moneyreserveinc. The coins are going to have a much higher price, and the coins are going to look nice because they were in storage this whole time.

Anyone who is trying to get the best results from their investments needs to try investing in gold coins, and they can even by them from the US Money Reserve if they want.

Madison Street Capital Making A Name For Itself

Madison Street Capital is what people have been looking for based on a Bloomberg Business survey as a solution to their financial and business problems. Among other numerous services that the company offers, they have specialized in reorganization services. Having in mind that the great recession has had an immense impact on how businesses are conducting their affairs, Madison Street Capital is there to offer some of the solutions to these businesses. The recession has caused great turbulence to how businesses are conducted and has affected all manner of businesses regardless of their size. Generally speaking, both external and internal economic factors affect a business. They affect the operational and financial intricacies of a business which may, if caution is not taken, result in liquidation of the company. Madison thus provides a great solution to prevent this by preserving the businesses value while looking into the lenders and creditors interest.

Their experienced professionals provide solutions in organizational realignment of the business, workouts, loan restructuring and recoveries when it comes to crisis management. Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC are headquartered in Chicago but with offices in Africa, Asia and North America and has been operating as a private company. It was established and incorporated in 2011 in Illinois. It is put in the category of Unclassified Investors. It has done very well for itself having an estimated annual revenue of 130000. With its employees who are well experienced and known to deliver top most quality services, Madison sure has a promising future. It also believes in corporate social responsibility and is doing great at it. It has focused on creating stable and strong relationships with the communities around its area of operation.

Madison Street Capital released a youtube video and has partnered with United Way to create a difference in communities both locally and globally. The partnership creates long-term recovery facilities not just in the sector of education and health but also in providing financial stability. This happens in areas that have been affected and devastated because of the occurrence of different disasters. A fund created by United Way caters for this and one can donate for either general disasters of to specific states like North Carolina and Alabama. With its exceptional team, Madison Street Capital is definitely one of the world’s top most middle market firms according to cruchbase.com. It is an investment banking firm offering mergers & acquisition advisory services, corporate governance and finance, restructuring services and business valuation services among other services.