Herbalife Nutrition: A Partnership with IMPACT Basketball


Herbalife Nutrition, an internationally recognized brand who is known to help make a happier and healthier world, has recently partnered up with IMPACT Basketball for a two-year long venture. The partnership of Herbalife Nutrition and IMPACT Basketball is going to be centered on the renaming of their modern, and top-notch quality facility in Las Vegas, Nevada – The Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Center. The partnership will provide a team of highly professional sports nutritionists to basketball players to help them up their game. They will provide customized nutrition plants to their basketball players so that they can be healthier, quicker, stronger and overall better players. The partnership of Herbalife Nutrition and IMPACT Basketball will also open Herbalife24 NSF Certified for Sports product line, and this can be accessed by all their athletes and is available at all of the three training centers in Las Vegas, Sarasota, Florida and California.

At the opening of the center, former NBA superstar Patrick O’Bryant, former head coach of the Cavaliers Tyronn Lue, along with Joe Abunassar were able to lead and teach a Basketball Clinic and offer coaching tips for local students. 30 students were able to experience this high tier training at a very young age. The NBA superstars were very excited and thrilled to be able to be part of such a monumental event and to be able to teach the youth what Basketball meant. 

Herbalife is a globally acclaimed nutrition company whose sole purpose is to provide a better quality of living to the world. Herbalife Nutrition’s core thrust is very simple: to provide a happier and healthier life to the world. Herbalife’s mission is nutrition, they want to spark change and make differences for the better through nutritional products and great programs. Herbalife Nutrition with the help of their investors and distributors, they are laser focused on helping provide solutions to the global epidemic of malnutrition and obesity. They also want to help the aging population and aid public healthcare efforts. All the products of Herbalife Nutrition is backed by extensive research and scientific studies – which is why all their products are effective and are of the highest quality only. Herbalife also employs local professionals and community centered facilities that can offer personal coaching and guidance to the clients with the help of an independent Herbalife distributor. Herbalife Nutrition now has about 8,000 team members worldwide and has about 4.5 billion dollars in net sales as recorded in 2016.



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