ClassDojo: Empowering a Classroom of Greatness

In a recent article from, ClassDojo was featured for their success in raising 21 million dollars for their app that helps close the gap between parent and teacher communication. TechCrunch describes the empowerment parents, teachers, and students alike will experience by being able to communicate through the app. They also highlight the progress that has been made through venture funding, noting the 31 million dollars to date. TechCrunch leaves off imagining the possibilities of this app, stating that parents could possibly “buy content like custom yearbooks, or videos, discussion guides and lessons that they could use with their kids at home.” This is among many other mentions of the communication platform that will ultimately make life easier and less stressful for all parties involved. See more here:


ClassDojo seeks to change the communication platform from the ground up, eliminating the parent-teacher conference. With the goal of giving the power to create incredible classrooms in mind, ClassDojo is already available in 40 languages and is in 180 countries. Being used by millions each day proves that this app is creating a community more positive and successful than ever before among parents, teachers, and sudents. The empowerment given by ClassDojo opens doors for words of encouragement to be easily shared, schedules and upcoming events easily communicated, and efficiency increased.


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