How one dentist changed the way sleep disorders are tretaed

Avi Weisfogel always had a keen interest in how medicine could make people’s lives better. He decided to attend New York University’s School of Dentistry. Upon graduation, in 1999, he founded his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental. Over the next 15 years, Dr. Weisfogel built his practice into one of the foremost dental offices in central New Jersey. Despite working long hours, he continued to read medical journals avidly. He eventually had the insight that dentists were uniquely positioned to detect and diagnose many diseases of the head and neck area that may have been missed by patients who don’t regularly see their physicians. Armed with this insight, Dr. Weisfogel began intensive research to find out which diseases would give dentists the opportunity to benefit public health the most through early diagnosis.

It was during this period that Dr. Weisfogel became aware of the scourge of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a severe condition that goes undiagnosed an overwhelming majority of the time. What’s more, it’s also associated with some of the most deadly conditions known to medicine. These include heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cardiomyopathy and even fatal car crashes. Dr. Weisfogel saw an opportunity for dentists to intervene in this terrible disease’s course and save lives through early recognition and treatment. He set out to change the world of dentistry forever.

In 2010, Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters, a program dedicated to bringing a new paradigm of treating sleep apnea to dentists across the country. The success of this program was immediate, resulting in a permanent, tectonic shift in the way that sleep apnea and other sleep disorders are treated.

Today, Dr. Weisfogel is credited with founding the highly innovative field of sleep dentistry. Over the past few years, his Dental Sleep Masters seminar program has proven so wildly successful that many dentists who have attended have abandoned their traditional dental practices in favor of becoming full-time, certified sleep dentists. Dr. Weisfogel’s students have sold tens of millions of dollars in oral appliances, life-saving devices that stop the progression of sleep apnea cold in its tracks.

Dr. Weisfogel continues to pursue medical research and runs his seminar program.



MB2 Dental Allowing Dentists To Be Dentists

There is a lot more to operating a successful dental practice than merely providing good dental care. Issues such as billing, government compliance, and human resources are just a few of the issues today’s dentist must endure. A dentist often has to spend valuable time managing these and other matters when all he or she want’s is good care for their patients. Frustrated by these demands many dentists are looking for solutions to the non-medical part of their practice. One such frustrated dentist is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who in 2009 decided to offer a better way for a dentist to manage the non-clinical tasks of their practice. MB2 Dental Solutions, located in Carrollton, TX was born with the goal of providing dentists with non-clinical services that would allow them to concentrate on providing excellent dental care to their patients. MB2 Dental will provide clients with knowledge, offer guidance, and create personalized systems to meet their needs in all areas of office management and to also offer assistance when making important business decisions.


Most of the services provided by MB2 Dental Solutions will come under the guise of Human Resources. Human Resources is the division of any company that promotes growth and development of their employees, through employee relations including benefits, payroll, compensation, labor relations, and employee safety and security concerns to mention the most important. While every non-clinical area of office management is important, government compliance can be the most overwhelming. MB2 Dental will relieve the dentist of this burden and offer a piece of mind by implementing an office compliance program that includes monthly audits of clinical notes, current charts, and all regulatory updates. Finding the best people to fill available positions is time-consuming and often frustrating; major companies have entire departments devoted to this task. MB2 Dental has a recruitment team that will pre-screen candidates for support employee positions, finding the best and brightest individuals, ready to train and contribute to your dental practice’s success.


MB2 affiliate dentists are not asked to change their methods of patient care or any of the high standards they have established for their practice; they maintain 100% clinical autonomy. Led by a team of professionals in legal issues, investment opportunities, procurement, the latest technology, and overall business development MB2 will once again make it possible for the dentist to focus on patient care. Today MB2 Dental has over seventy additional employees and over seventy affiliated dental offices in six different states.