NutriMost Weight Loss Program Assists Lose Pounds

One of the newest programs to lose weight is helping people shed off their pounds. NutriMost has been featured by NY Daily News, it is helping people to lose weight in a short period of time. On average, you can lose 5 lbs of fat on weekly basis.
People who gain weight face various health issues including diabetes, internal organ issues and high blood pressure. When a patient walks in NutriMost clinics, they first go through a scan to determine various things in their bodies. The team of health experts (see, will measure your visceral fat which is fat that bodies store in the abdomen. People with bellies have a lot of visceral fat. Nobody likes to have a belly but the most dangerous part is that the fat presses up against your organs which can adversely affect their efficiency levels.

As a result of that, they experience health problems then they get medications to treat the symptoms rather than the main problem. It then becomes a cycle of taking medications yet they are not getting healthier. Gene Sheller, 71 is an example of such a situation. At 71, most people struggle with their weight and health issues. Gene was overweight, diabetic and had high blood pressure. The worst bit is that he had fatty liver. Gene started the program at 270 pounds. By the time he was done with two rounds, he had already lost over 80 lbs.

The best part is that he was no longer diabetic. He no longer had blood pressure or sleep apnea. That means he no longer took the medications and his fatty liver condition was no longer there. Nutrimost Connecticut was launched in 2014 and it is a franchise of NutriMost. The program works best where all other weight loss programs have not been successful. Dr. Mitch helps patients to keep off the weight. What makes the program stand out is that Dr. Mitch customizes the program to suit needs of each individual.