The Entrepreneurial Success of Nathaniel Ru

Entrepreneur Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007 with a Bachelor in Finance. After graduating in 2007 he and two of his fellow Georgetown graduates started their entrepreneurship journey by co-founding Sweetgreen a fast casual seasonal kitchen with an aim of sustainability and local sourcing. He and his co-founders opened the company’s first outlet in Georgetown itself. By 2015 Sweetgreeen had expanded its reach to over 27 location in six states as well as the west coast.



The idea behind the founding of Sweetgreen was derived from the fact that the community required a delicious, eco-friendly and healthy option. Led by Nathaniel Ru the co-founders of the Sweetgreen believed in food that fits people, value, budget, tastes, imagination and their community. In the year 2010 Nathaniel and his partners launched Sweetlife, and currently the area’s largest music and food festival. The Sweetlife festival attracts over 20,000 attendees and is characterized by high profile as well as cutting-edge musical artists, food from the top chefs, food trucks, farmers, and purveyors. Sweetlife have embraced the good living lifestyle, well-being and health, community, and sustainability just like their restaurant. It is usually a party with a purpose as it leaves a gentle carbon-neutral footprint.



Swetgreen a Washington-based healthy and hip farm–to-table salad chain Sweetgreen was initially funded by friends and relatives. By the year 2015, they had completed three rounds of venture capital funding, $95 million in total. The main purpose of Sweetgreen is to provide healthy food that is both tasty as well as reasonably priced. According to the customer testimonies, their salad can be compared to none because after eating their customers are not hungry after 45 minutes. What makes it even more enticing is the fact that it cost the same as a burger and fries and yet it is a nourishing food.



According to Nathaniel Ru, the Sweetgreen use demographic analysis, sequencing and the timing of the store opening is a huge strategy while looking to spot a new location. He says that the way they enter the market is as important as the number of the stores that they have.



One great characteristic that customer find in the Sweetgreen store is their design. They feature clean lines and smiling faces and there is a sense of relief at patronizing a retailer that bring about a great ambiances during visits. Nathaniel Ru says that they term is as service design. They say that it is a combination of technology, storytelling and design itself uplifting and selling consistent services and personalized product to each customer. One of crucial aspect about Sweetgreen is transparency, Ru says that the restaurant allows its customers to have a view of the kitchen so that they can see what they do rather telling them.

Nathaniel Ru, The Audacious Entrepreneur

A business with realistic values is bound to stay successful for a very long time. Nathaniel Ru is an entrepreneur who believes in embarking on something that will last long. The alumnus of McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, is an investor who co-founded Sweetgreen. The fast-casual food restaurant is making strides and is set to be a mainstream chain and a lifestyle brand. The co-CEO together with his co-founders, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman started the restaurant after realizing the need for healthy and delicious fast foods. Nathaniel who is the only child of a Chinese father and Mexican-American Mother holds a BS in Finance.


Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain with about 40 stores in the US. All stores serve seasonal fresh and healthy foods. The menu consists of three regional dishes that rotate five times in a year. The recipes are simple and only contain natural flavors. The restaurant which has gained popularity since its founding in 2007 gets the supplies from local farmers who use organic and conventional methods. The stores at times incorporate recipes that utilize plants parts that are often wasted and also menus that boost health restoration and weight loss.


Nathaniel attributes the success of the business to values exercised in all stores. He explains that the customers, company and the community must all win and the business should make a positive impact. To the Sweetgreen founders, long-term decisions help in the sustainability of the venture. Nathaniel also believes in adding an extra effort to an already excellent work as this serves as a marketing strategy. The stores adopted an idea of covering customers’ bicycles with shower caps if it rains. The above values have earned the business press accolades such as Food and Wine, CBS, Forbes, CNBC, Washington Post and USA Today.


The business has embraced technology and through the Sweetgreen app, customers can place orders, pay and also get rewards. In 2010, the co-founders launched Sweetlife Festival. The festival involves the celebration of food, music and the community. There are food trucks, menus by top chefs and prominent artists. The profits gotten from the festival are donated to Food Corps to help educate children on nutrition and agriculture.


Nathaniel Ru and fellow Sweetgreen co-CEOs are indeed focused investors who know where and why they are moving in the direction they are moving. Starting the business was not easy as the trio had to outsource capital from parents and friends. Nathaniel has been featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and Inc’s 30 under 30.

A Scandal Against the Amazing Diet NutriMost

A recent scandal has taken place with the diet program called NutriMost. This scandal involves another diet company called Healthy Living.

Healthy Living has a website just like NutriMost, but actually, their website is a little too like NutriMost’s website. It was found recently that Healthy Living actually stole the video promotion from NutriMost’s site and used it on their own site. The video is virtually the same, but Healthy Living did change all of the references to NutriMost to instead say Healthy Living.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Healthy Living is now being charged with this crime, but it is yet to be sees what will happen in the court case. NutriMost’s reputation as a great weight loss website could have been compromised because of Healthy Living’s use of their promotional video.

How Does NutriMost Help?

Healthy Living is not a diet website that is well-known, and the verdict is out on whether or not it actually works. But if you haven’t yet heard of NutriMost, you are in for a real treat.

This diet has changed the lives of many men and women, and it can change yours too. It helps individuals lose unwanted weight in a healthy way. There are no diet pills, shots or surgeries involved with this weight-loss program. Instead, it uses a doctor recommended regimen of weight loss strategies that works for anyone. The professionals and doctors who work with NutriMost know that every individual loses weight and gains weight in different ways, so they created a weight loss program that could work for every individual, no matter how much weight they have to lose.

Remember that not all diets will work for everyone, but you can rest assured that this one can help. If you haven’t already tries NutriMost, give a go and see the benefits it can offer you on your weight loss journey.

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There Are Ways to Make Those Carbohydrates You Eat Better for You


Carbohydrates always get a bad rap for making us gain weight, but according to Sergio Cortes our bodies do need some of them to function normally and be healthy. Ideally, we should exercise regularly to burn off excess carbs, but there are also things we can do when eating carbs to reduce any negative effects from them such as the spike in blood sugar they are known to cause. Eating more whole grains is the most frequently recommended way to get our carbohydrates in a healthier manner. When eating whole wheat bread or brown rice instead of the white varieties of these two staples, the body takes more time to break them down, which is good news for our waistlines.

As pointed out in a recent article in, there are also things we can do in terms of how we prepare and eat our carbs that can help to reduce any negative effect from them. For instance, cooking rice in coconut oil and then letting it cool can reduce the calories from it by half. Another tip is to eat bananas slightly unripe as they take longer for the body to break down. Leftover and reheated pasta has also been found to have a smaller effect on increasing blood sugar as compared to when it is freshly prepared. A few tips like these, with more in the aforementioned article, can make a major change in how carbs impact our bodies while helping us stay healthier and stave off dreaded weight gain.