Southridge Capital’s Operations and Leadership

Southridge capital Investment group is a private equity firm which is based in Connecticut which offers two major services that are investment banking and securities brokerage services in the United States. The company was started in the year 1996 and its headquarter offices are situated in East Coast, New England, Northern United States. The company has been able to stay at the top in American investment banking and security provision market for several years due to the competence of its leaders. Stephen Hicks is the current chief executive officer of South Ridge Capital and he has managed to earn the company a lot of profits during his tenure.




The Birth and Growth of Southridge Capital




Stephen Hicks participated in the formation of Southridge Capital investment group when he came to learn that the owner of a small hedge fund company he was working for in New York had decided to close the company since he was traveling back to his country. The news of the company being closed gave Stephen a lot of stress since he has developed a deep interest in the career. However, he got lucky because his boss allowed him to continue working for the company while he was still developing his own company. You can visit





After some few years of starting his own company, Stephen had managed to use his experience in the hedge fund sector and some of his best ideas to build Southridge capital’s brand. During one of his interviews, Stephen was asked about how he brought his ideas into reality. He responded by pointing out that he believed that experience is the major source of great ideas. He further explained that the experience he had gained after working in the hedge fund sector for many years had enabled him to know how great ideas could be developed and brought into use. According to Steve, great ideas with no definite plan are difficult to put them into use. Like many other successful entrepreneurs in the hedge fund, Stephen Hicks spend most of his time watching international news and monitoring the economies of different countries looking for opportunities that could earn his company more profits.


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Matt Badiali and the concept of freedom Checks investments

Matt Badiali introduced the idea of Freedom Checks. He introduced it because he was convinced that there were enough opportunities to benefit numerous Americans. He came up with the idea after working diligently for a long period, trying to tie the loose ends in the natural resources investments sector. He was looking for an opportunity that would allow him to make the best investment choice and benefit from it to the maximum. After analyzing the Freedom Checks concept, one of the things he realized was that there was an opportunity to make over 8000 percent return on investment. This was going to be the best investment idea he has ever come across.

Matt Badiali introduced the opportunity he had found in a viral video that caused much talk in the financial sector. Many people wanted to know what he was talking about, while others even wanted to know who he was. The opportunity that had been presented to him was an opportunity for him to make a name while at the same time helping the average investors with an investment idea that they could not regret. The Freedom Checks idea is one of the best that one can benefit from.

Freedom Checks is based on analysis of opportunities found in the natural resources sector. The mining sector in the United States is being encouraged to do more and explore the resources that are within the United States. With oil production in the foreign countries facing challenges and the prices going up, the local companies that will invest in the exploration of oil and gas from within the United States will benefit the most. These companies will see huge returns in the coming months as the country turns consumption to their products.

Matt Badiali is projecting that these companies will make $34 billion before the end of the year. Investors who want to benefit from the program should consider buying from these companies since they will get good returns. To make it better, companies that deal with the internal exploration of natural resources are given tax exemption as long as they are getting 90 percent of their revenue from the local market.

Infinity Group Votes Cash Over Credit

Cash or credit is a far more complicated answer than one would think. The use of a credit card can have disastrous effects on the financial health of many a consumer. One reason is because credit cards can encourage reckless behavior that leads to dire financial consequences. This is why reputable debt reduction companies like Infinity Group Australia advocate for the use of cash.


Founded by top-tier broker Graeme Holm. A finance professional with about 17 years of experience in the market, Infinity Group is dedicated to bettering the financial health of its clients. Infinity group also serves as a wealth creator, property investor, and retirement strategies. Holm and his team help many people escape the gloom of debt and find their way to the light of financial security. According to Holm one way to do that is by using cash instead of credit.


Cash provides more accountability than credit for a few reasons. Using a credit card is such a simple action many swipe without thought. They also lose track of how often they swipe which can lead to problems later. Cash is much more physical. It breeds caution simply by making transactions take longer. As one counts out the money they truly understand the weight of their expenditure. They also may decided not to got through with the purchase. Credit processes to fast for second thoughts.


Cash is also a lot easier to track. One notices the lack of funds when using cash, they also get a more accurate idea of what they have left. Also, credit cards use credit in transactions. It grants instant gratification, and allows consumers to avoid the hassle of waiting. But it also means spending money one does not have. As one can only spend what one has, cash prevents consumers from building up a credit bill. It also breeds caution as they have to wait for funds to accumulate, and that wait my cause second thoughts.


Credit cards also contain pesky fees. Some are hidden and one does not find out about them until later. Some are the required interest payments companies tack on. Such payments, late fees, and hidden fees put the ability to pay off debt farther out of reach. Using cash can solve so many problems and help consumers get back on track. It is a far more responsible medium of exchange, and can break bad habits that generate from the use of credit.

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