“Marc Beer Raises Money to Improve Women’s Health “

Marc Beer is the CEO and founder of Renovia Incorporation. He got the idea to start the company after receiving a call from a gynecologist called Dr. Iglesias. The gynecologist had performed surgery on the pelvic floor for many years and wanted to help women avoid surgery. He had seen women suffering from extreme pain due to pelvic floor disorder and dedicated his life to finding a solution to the problem. Pelvic floor disorder affects more than 250 million women.


Marc Beer and Dr. Iglesias partnered to form Ronovia. The vision of the company is to improve women’s health through innovative products. The company has worked with other organizations and investors to improve healthcare. Marc Beer stated that any company that wants to succeed must invest in talent acquisition. Renovia comprises of talented and dedicated staff that care about patients. He spent a lot of time looking for the right people to be part of the team. Marc Beer believes in investing in creative ideas to grow the company.


Renovia was created to improve diagnosis, treatment of pelvic floor disorders. It uses innovative sensor technologies and digital health to reach women. Thousands of women suffer in silence due to lack of knowledge and treatment. The company uses technology to develop products. It facilitates affordable visualization and treatment of urinary incontinence.


Furthermore, it collects progress information on women’s pelvic health to know if they are responding to treatment. You need to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to restore pelvic health. The company is committed to alleviating pelvic pain by using innovative and effective products.


Renovia is leading in digital health because it wants all women to access essential services. He is optimistic there will be a breakthrough with digital health shortly. People are embracing disruptive technologies to improve service delivery. Working with people with similar vision and goals helped Beer grow the company. Beer said Iglesias is an amazing partner in the business. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Marc Beer raised over 42 million dollars for women’s health startup. Renovia is creating therapeutic and diagnostic products for pelvic floor disorders. The company developed a product called Leva to treat urinary incontinence. The product was approved by FDA, allowing the company to develop it further. Longwood Fund announced its decision to continue investing in the company. The two have worked together in the past to develop Leva.


Marc Beer thanked Longwood Fund for believing in them. He promised the firm that funds would help in research and testing products. The company plans on using technology to develop effective products. Marc Beer has worked with OvaScience before found his company. Many people describe him as hardworking, attentive, and focused. He helped Renovia get where it is today.


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