Nobilis Health and Health Care

Nobilis Health is full-service healthcare development and management company. There is a company called Mackie Research Capital that does research. One of the analyst, Russel Stanley who says that there is a healthcare play that can beat the trend that most markets around the world are down a bit. Russel Stanley  of Linked In decided to pick Nobilis Health for Q4 in a report that he was doing for Mackie research for his top pick. Nobilis is in control of ambulatory surgery centers and also surgical hospitals has a history of growing organically. Nobilis Health also has a good history in M&A. A good example of this history is when the company got the first Nobilis Health Hospital in 2014 for 7.5 million dollars. This September, Nobilis Health said that it got a 60% stake and management control of the Freedom Pain Hospital that was in Scottsdale, Arizona. Aside from these instances there are larger scale trends that leads to this analyst supporting Nobilis Health. Russel Stanley thinks that Nobilis Health is not given enough credit where it is due in terms of surgical procedures in a market that is increasingly more of them due to aging and obesity. Nobilis Health has been rated by many analysts as a strong buy. The shares that belong to Nobilis Health were concluded in the red this week while trading. Nobilis Health has a market cap of 354 million, with roughly 67,037,00. Nobilis Health is growing and has recently acquired a new facility. Nobilis Health will use the new building to facilitate it’s growing efforts.