Your Future Wedding May Involve These Technologies

Wedding planning usually consists of a variety of exhausting tasks, such as designing and sending out invitations, choosing which items to add to the registry, and trying on piles of dresses in order to find “the one” – which probably costs more than your monthly rent. As originally reported in Huffington Post, these tasks used to be hampered by malfunctioning technologies like inefficient in-store registry scanners, or technologies that previously did not exist: wedding websites, electronic invitations, and designer dresses for rent. Technology has come a long way in making wedding coordination simpler, but there are even more improvements around the corner.

Perhaps the most widely-applicable technology the article mentions is Slyce, which allows you to scan or photograph an item and receive immediate information about what that product is and where you can find it, or comparable items online.

Imagine the possibilities: you see the perfect bridesmaid dress in a magazine, but there’s no listed information about the brand or price. Slyce’s Universal Scanner technology would allow you to find that exact dress in seconds, or a similar dress within your price range. Or, say your cousin just bought a table lantern that would be perfect for your reception centerpieces. You can use Slyce to scan the lantern’s barcode, and find an online store to purchase more within seconds.

While planning a wedding can be time-consuming, finding the perfect decor does not have to be. New technologies are making things easier for soon-to-be brides and grooms, and this trend is likely to continue into the future.