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Jeffry Schneider, a father and leader of an Austin-based company, is a busy man to say the least. It’s easy for people with busy schedules to make excuses why they can’t give back to their communities or dedicate time to their health. Because he doesn’t make excuses, Jeffry Schneider stands out in a crowded world of successful professionals. It’s incredible and moving to see how much time he devotes to his health and to the health of others around him. His work ethic embodies the idea that no individual is too busy to change their lifestyle. Instead of wasting time coming up with reasons why he can’t accomplish something, Jeff just goes for it. This entrepreneurial marathon runner works out every day, eats healthy food at almost every meal, and participates in meditation too.

Passionate about fitness, he’s glad he lives in Austin where he has access to plenty of gyms and health clubs. Health clubs are organizations that bring groups of people together through wellness programs. A wellness program, whether done individually or in a group, offers an array of benefits. It boosts overall health, increases cognitive function, decreases stress levels, and increases the rate of productivity at the workplace. Research shows that if individuals exercise regularly as part of their health program, they are less likely to request sick leaves compared to those who do not exercise at all, so Jeffry implements them at his office too. Wellness programs show employees that their mental and physical health are important to employers and give them a positive attitude about working for the company. Jeff enjoys leading his company and looks forward to working with the team every day.

Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and 3 dogs enjoying the Austin hill country. When he’s not spending time with his family or working out, Jeffry Schneider likes to unwind by enjoying Tuscan wine, one of his many passions. Whether he’s laughing over a glass with friends or enjoying one while deep in thought, Jeff values his self-care and relaxation. Although he is passionate about wine, his real passion is helping disadvantaged people. Outside of work, he uses his time and resources to contribute to relief efforts. For instance, Mr. Schneider has participated in charitable organizations efforts dedicated to helping Hurricane Harvey victims and areas that were struck significantly by natural disasters such as Houston and Puerto Rico.

Committed to charity, Mr. Jeffrey Schneider also helps those who help others like Dell Children’s Hospital oncology nurse, Elizabeth Stephens. When she’s not working at the hospital, Elizabeth travels to Central America to repair kids’ cleft palates. Before meeting Jeff, Elizabeth had been using her own money to finance these trips which included her savings. Knowing how costly it is to travel, Jeffry was moved by her work and realized he had an opportunity to help her along with those she helps by reimbursing her for all traveling expenses. This reimbursement enabled her to continue providing critical care to children in need, and in this way, Jeffry continues to help her with her volunteer work abroad. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through leadership, Jeff makes it a priority to participate in other’s nonprofit work in any way he can.


Equities First Holdings LLC Making Save Loans For Investors

Many people feel that investing is a risky business to get into after all the issues that happened in 2008 with the housing market. Uneducated investors believe that our government does not monitor businesses close enough all the time, which can lead to investors being cheated of the money they trusted a company with. Along with this, they feel that the market in general is just too unpredictable for them to invest in without professional data backing up their decisions. However, this may change with an increase in stock-based loans.

Lately stock-based loans have started to gain some traction with businesses who see them fit in their position. According to Equities First Holdings LLC, the market has started to increase with no signs of stopping soon. With banks tightening their qualifications on who can get large loans, businesses need to turn to other alternatives so they can get the capital to start running. As of late these stock-based loans have been the solution to this issue, giving investors a safe way to invest their money and a company the money needed to begin their start-up. The stock is collateralized for the investment and the rate is locked in when investors choose to go through with the deal. Along with this, the investors are also allowed to pull their money out if the stock goes down, which gives them good flexibility if the company starts to head in a bad direction. These traits give the stock-based loan market a safe way for investors to make some money without much worry or risk in the companies they choose. They are not locked in with their money, get a guaranteed interest rate on their loan, and have a bailout option should the deal start to go downhill. Equities First Holdings LLC has done a great job negotiating the deals for these loans, which is why they have become such good options compared to their risk in the past. The company has already had success with these new deals, showing they are a good deal for the skeptical investors.

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George Soros Thinks China Has a Serious Adjustment Problem

In 2011 George Soros, a well known billionaire investor, was invited to be on a panel in Washington. While on that panel Soros warned of a 2008-like catastrophe. 5 years later, while speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital, Soros warned of a 2008-like catastrophe yet again.

So the question is, why does Soros believe we are headed towards a financial crisis on like the one that crippled the world in 2008. The answer can be summed up in three words, weak Chinese economy.

China has been struggling for the last few years to come up with a growth model that actually works. They have also been dealing with a devaluation problem that is sending waves across the world. Even the developing world is having its problems as it has unsuccessfully figured out a way to return to positive interest rates. This according to an article posted on

It is these issues that make George Soros believe the current environment is very similar to the one from 2008.

The first few weeks of 2016 were met with chaos and uncertainty. The three biggest markets in the world on, the stock market, the commodity market and the global currency market were all under fire.

But it gets even worse. The Chinese economy is currently in the process of moving away from an investment and manufacturing economy and more towards a consumption and services economy. And while this may sound like a good thing, the problem is the Yuan is still sinking. That means the economy is getting weaker and weaker by the day. Whether or not it will be able to hold up during this shift is a big concern.

George Soros believes China’s biggest problem is their inability to adjust. And because of that, he feels they are headed for a serious crisis.

Volatility has been and still is a big problem. All the major indexes, including the Merrill Lynch index and the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, were up at the beginning of 2016.

So now the question is what can China do to sure up its weak economy? The first thing they must do is find a new growth model. They also need to dismantle capital controls which the Communist Party has agreed to do overtime. While things won’t get better over night, if China can come up with a viable growth model as soon as possible, the economy just may start to see a turn for the better.

George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire who has been investing since the 1950’s. Since 1979 he has been heavily involved in helping the world become a better place through his Open Society Foundations organization. Today his organization is operating in over 100 countries and has had a huge impact on human rights issues all over the world.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

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The Global Economic Health Is Failing According To George Soros


George Soros wears several different hats, He in a hedge fund investor. He has established foundations all over the world that promote open societies, and he is an economic guru that often speaks about where the world is heading from a financial point of view. The eighty-five-year-old Soros doesn’t tell people what they want to hear. He gives them the facts based on research and insight. His latest prediction is the world is on the doorstep on a global recession, and there’s not much any country can do about it.

Soros backs up his prediction with solid evidence. The Hungarian-born Soros thinks China is pulling the world into a recession that will rival the 2008 meltdown. The stock market is having a tough time and even though it has rallied, Soros believes that the spike is only temporary. Soros thinks the fact that stocks soar to new heights and then plunge to panic-induced lows on any given day is a sign that things aren’t right in the corporate world.

But Soros thinks people are overlooking the root of the stock market’s volatility. It’s not the risky financial practices like in was in 2008 or the underlying weakness of the economy that is driving the United States and other countries toward the edge of a recessionary cliff. It’s the scared traders that have their hands on the panic button this time. Soros points to the U.S. stock index going up by more than 300 points after dropping to the second-lowest bottom in two years hour before the spike.

Stock volatility as well as the weak international economic backdrop especially in China and other Asian and South American countries has some economic analysts, monetary policy officials, and consumers scratching their heads. But George Soros is not one of those head-scratchers.

But there is an element of fear surrounding stock market fluctuations around the world, and the economic indicators that have cropped up since the beginning of 2016. Both of those signs have sent a bolt of uncertainty as well as second-guessing into the minds of investors.

But Mr. Soros thinks investors should be looking at the international production behemoth that posted the worst economic growth in 25 years in 2015 as proof of the pending recession. All eyes and ears should be on China and the fact that what the Chinese government is saying is not the reality they are immersed in. China is going to throw the world into a global recession. Mr. Soros is betting against China’s currency and other big hedge fund investors are doing the same thing. Those big-time investors know an epic slowdown is coming, and they are going to make money in spite of it.