George Soros Is Chipping In To Encourage Latinos To Vote

The New York Times published an article recently by Nicholas Confessore and Julia Preston. The New York Times article discussed how several liberal donors, George Soros included, will be joining together and putting up 15 million dollars in order to create a campaign to encourage Immigrants to vote. Their goal is to use the anger of the people against the harsh words of some of the GOP candidates in a directed and productive way. They estimate that the outcome will be a large new lump of liberal voters. The article then went on to discuss how the campaign’s strategists were explaining how this will be the largest democratic effort for Latino and immigrant voter turnout ever. And they went on to say that the money will be sent to organizations in Florida, Nevada and Colorado. This is due to the quickly growing immigrant populations in these states and that they are states that will be important in both the senate and the presidential race.

The article then discussed more specifics of the campaign. It will be run by a new super PAC, Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The PAC has chosen to take a more obviously partisan stance. They want to both find already Democratic voters and close the swing voters. The goal that they have made for themselves is to get 400 thousand new democratic voters when November rolls around. There are many national pro-immigration groups who have teamed up with the super PAC. The Latino Victory Project is one. Their president explained to the New York Times that this is the necessary option in order to ensure safety for the immigrant community.

George Soros has been a long time supporter of the democratic party. In 2004, he donated 20 million dollars in an effort to not allow a second term for President Bush. He has also donated 8 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidency. Soros has so generously supported these candidates because he believes in how they lead. He strongly agrees with many of their stances and they tightly align with the principles of he charity, the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was formed in the late 1970s and it started out as an organization that helped those who were being oppressed. This included getting tuition to black students at the University of Cape Town during apartheid and providing xerox machines to dissidents in the Eastern Bloc under the communists. It slowly morphed into an organization that concentrated on pushing for three ideas. The first is having more open societies. The second is all individuals having more human rights. The third idea is more transparent governments.