Why you need to find an SEC whistleblower lawyer to represent your case

Do you work for a firm that operates in the securities filed? Are you concerned about illegal activity at work? Have you decided to turn whistleblower and report your firm to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

If this is the case, before you report the securities violation to the SEC, you should contact an SEC whistleblower lawyer to find out if you have a good case and if they will agree to represent you.

Why do you need an SEC whistleblower attorney? — While, of course, you can file a complaint with the SEC without an attorney, in most cases it would be foolish to do so.

After all, with an attorney that has experience in SEC violation cases, not only could you receive a much higher award for turning your employer in than without one, you would be much more protected as well.

Why do you need a lawyer to help protect you? — While things have improved in the last few years when it comes to whistleblower protection, the situation is still not perfect. That means, if you do not file the whistleblower case with the SEC correctly, you could end up being the subject of a lawsuit filed against you by your employer.

With a lawyer that specializes in SEC whistleblower cases, however, your case will be evaluated to see if it fits the criteria for a good case, and will be filed exactly as it should be. This helps protect you from legal action against you in the future.

How to find a good whistleblower attorney — You need to be sure that you hire a whistleblower lawyer that has a lot of experience in the area of SEC whistleblower violations. There are many different lawyers that represent whistleblowers, but you should have your case evaluated by one of the best.

Luckily, finding this information is relatively easy as all it takes is an hour or two online to research the top lawyers in the field and to decide which you believe would be a good fit. Once you find one you like, contact them to set up a meeting to evaluate your case.

Filing your case without revealing your name — Under SEC whistleblower law, if you have a lawyer representing you, you can even file your case without revealing your real name. This is another advantage of having an attorney, as you are not allowed to do this without one.

Discuss this with your new attorney when you meet them for the first case evaluation, and they will explain to you what some of the benefits may be.