Karl Heideck has the litigation chops to help you win any fraud and banking case

Karl Heideck has the litigation chops to help you winIf your reading this article you probably need legal help of some kind. You may need to press charges and sue someone for a perceived miscarriage of justice or you may simply need a defense attorney that will help aid you in a counter suit for a civil matter. And for that process you need a qualified litigator to handle any and all litigation services. A litigator is basically someone who represents your case. They do all the research leading up to the case and serve as your lawyer if the case reaches trial. Litigators today are trained in university in the practices of law and most at least have a Juris Doctorate in law and are board certified in their state.

So, what is the litigation process? It begins basically when a conflict between two parties cannot be resolved by normal means and the plaintiff, the person who presses charges, serves the defendant, the person being charged, with a summons and complaint. This complaint also goes to the civil trial court. The complaint must express the injuries done to the plaintiff by the defendant and it generally requests damages. If a settlement at this early phase of litigation cannot be reached, then the discovery process begins. The discovery process can take weeks or sometimes years depending on the complexity of the case and the cooperation between the plaintiff and the defendant. This is because it involves the deposition of each side to seek information for the purposed trial. After the deposition process is complete then both parties are required to meet for a settlement conference to see if the case can be resolved without a trial. If this meeting fails to produce a settlement, then a trial takes place. Once a decision has been reached through the trail process there is still the added possibility of someone appealing the decision.

Karl Heideck J.D, PhiladelphiaTo help lead and guide you through this entire process you need help of a competent and well educated professional like Karl Heideck J.D. Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based attorney who currently works for Hire Counsel. His work for Hire Counsel overviewing discovery materials for fraud and banking litigation makes him an expert in his field. Karl Heideck mostly specializes in litigation issues related to transactions, acquisitions, compliance, risk management, and liquidity positions. Karl Heideck received his law degree from Temple University in 2009. Karl is happy to help you with any and all parts of the litigation process. Heideck can be contacted by clicking this link.

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