Securus Technologies’ Newest Innovation

Investigators can now tell who speaks to inmates via telephone calls. This has been, following the latest release by Securus Technologies. It is among the telephone services providers to inmates. It majors in providing technological solutions, which help in the improvement of civil as well as criminal justice. I found their latest release the Investigator Pro 4.0 very intriguing. All that an investigator needs to do is to get a voice sample. The Investigator Pro will then search for all telephone conversations with that voice. This can be done for the inmate and the one being called. View the company profile on

Securus is optimistic that this will be a great step towards monitoring and avoiding crimes, which can be linked to inmates. The company has shown commitment to this narrative over the years.


As Michael Kester, the chief operating officer at JLG Technologies put it; the identification of parties by voice will help in bringing to light crimes and other unlawful acts before they actualize. The Investigator Pro can also identify other inmates who have called a certain party. Its ability to search for voices rather than phone numbers and PINs makes it more accurate. This ensures that even when someone uses a different number, the investigators will still keep track with ease.


Having its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves numerous agencies, which deal with law enforcement, correction, and public safety. It also serves approximately 1.2 million inmates in North America. Securus Technologies has also improved their customer services. They currently have the largest in-house call center. Calls to them are answered within an average of 11 seconds. This shows just how committed they are to their customers.


 Securus Technologies is committed to serving and connecting. They contribute to making our world safe in ways such as quick responses, giving information to the public, biometric analysis among others.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

I Found That FreedomPop Truly Has The Lowest Priced Cell Phone Service

I was paying $60 per month for unlimited cell phone service when the price went up $10 more to $60 per month. I never got a reason for the price hike but decided to look for another cell phone company. After searching around the Internet for a low-priced cell phone carrier, I learned of FreedomPop and the services that they have. I was skeptical about joining a company that I hadn’t heard much about, but FreedomPop has some amazing reviews that can’t be denied. Not only does FreedomPop have low prices but also services in many countries around the world.

I had an upcoming trip to the UK, so I knew that I would be able to use my cell phone in the UK if I was to pay for the FreedomPop services, so I went ahead and got the unlimited cell phone service plan. I was able to use my text messages anytime I pleased for only $19.99, and I was on the Internet constantly, and I was making 10-20 calls every day. I never got an additional bill or notice that I would no longer have access to my unlimited service, which is something I really valued.

I’m grateful that I left behind my other service provider, especially since I heard that they raised their rates again since I left. I never knew that I could pay so little for unlimited cell phone service and still enjoy it and get all the use out of it that I can. I wanted to know more about FreedomPop, so I checked out their different services as well as their products. I found a great tablet that I love on the FreedomPop website, and I like that I can use the Internet on my tablet by using FreedomPop’s unlimited Wi-Fi service.

I only have to pay a five dollar a month fee in order to constantly access the Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop has, and I’m blown away by how fast speeds are. I get 4G LTE speeds on my tablet when I use FreedomPop’s hotspots, and I’ve even chosen to use the Wi-Fi service on my cell phone as well. No matter what device I choose to use to access the FreedomPop hotspots, I never pay more than $5 a month. Why aren’t other companies this generous? I’m a fan of FreedomPop forever because of their low prices.

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