Unveiling DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Roots and Road to Prosperity

Hussain Sajwani has led a remarkable life coming from a middle-class family into becoming one of the world’s most affluent and most influential entrepreneurs. Hussain is currently the CEO, founder, and chairman of DAMAC properties, a company he started in 2002 and has since grown into a market leader in Middle East’s real estate industry. Before founding DAMAC properties, Hussain ran a food business after veering off from employment where he worked for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for two years. Hussain is also an alumnus of the Washington University where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering.

The two above mentioned settings equipped DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani to grow his food business into a global block that supplies foodstuffs to various military bases and other food joints feeding thousands situated in the Middle East and Africa. Seeing the rapidly expanding real estate industry in Dubai attracted Hussain (@hussainsajwani) to start venturing into the business. It inspired the founding of DAMAC properties in 2002 that has undeniably grown into one of the largest property development firms on a global scope.

Under DAMAC Properties’ management are a vast 44,000 luxury apartment units some finished and some still undergoing development. Hussain Sajwani is also known to a business partner to United States’ President, Donald Trump. Underway is the Tiger Woods-designed golf course that has been developed by DAMAC but is being overseen by The Trump Organization. DAMAC has also stretched out of the norm to co-brand with one of the world’s most significant brands such as Versace, Bugatti, Paramount Pictures and Fendi. These companies have partnered with DAMAC in the development of various high-end luxury villas, fashion houses, and hotels. DAMAC Group has indeed shown its immense efforts into revolutionizing the real estate industry at large.

Coming from a middle-classed family himself, Hussain Sajwani is well groomed about the struggles that come along with growing up with no silver lining. He likes to indulge in charity work with his recent efforts being recognized when he supported the clothing of two million less fortunate children from around the world. He injected AED two million into the initiative that went to keeping thousands of children warm.


The real estate market in Ohio is booming. Real Estate agents like Tammy Mazzocco are thriving because there hasn’t been a decline in the Ohio home market in the past year.Ohio home values have increased by 1% last month and 8.1% from last year. Ohio central condos and home rates have continued to grow steadily. In addition to this, home developers are also planning to build additional houses. This will increase the home value. Professionals in the real estate business have also predicted that there will also be a rise in commercial premises. Visit Inspirery to know more.

Ohio remains among the relatively cheap areas to live in America and this makes it an ideal place to work and live. Therefore, the rise of the prices of homes supersedes the benefits that the area has to offer. Some of the perks that Ohio offers include a better education system where parents are comfortable with their children schooling in public schools as opposed to private schools. The Ohio school system is one of the best in America. The job market has also been constantly increasing and the tech industry is one of the promising ones for the American middle class. Check out Medium to know more.

About Tammy Mazzocco:

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Town residential opening another Branch

In the year 2013, Town Residential, one of the fastest growing residential brokerage firms made a 15 years deal to open an office in the meat packing district. According to the deal, the new outpost would be serving the area between Hudson Yards and TriBeCa. Judging from the fact that this company had only opened its doors three years before and was now opening a 10th outpost, it is correct to say that the company had achieved a level of success that many businesses do not reach within a similar period of time.

The great thing about the new location was that the company would be in a position to reach their clientele from the residential neighborhood and also hope to get some new business deals in the process. The deal they had struck saw them get a lease to the entire second floor of a building, which also included access to a private roof and other services. The CEO of Town, Andrew Heiberger had stated that the getting of a larger space was a positive move in the right direction for the company, which was expanding their business presence greatly at the time.

He stated that he was proud of the space because it made the company one of the few that had an outdoor place where the clients would meet and discuss business deals. The company was just keeping up with a trend that it had made of opening new offices in high profile areas mainly because of the benefit of more clientele who would be interested and in a position to acquire the property that they were offering.

The amount of money that is charged for a square foot of office space in the meatpacking district is said to have soared as high as $90 per square foot, which means that the company is pretty confident about the success that they will make out of the venture. The landlord to the building is the main investor for Town. Their business relationship has been growing stronger and the investor was more than lucky to assist the Town Company meet their needs and get a new location for their business in the process.

Thor equities, which is headed by Thor Sitts has done a great job because they invested in the small company when no one was giving the startup a chance. He is great that the company has been making such huge changes when it comes to development. The company has grown from a boutique business to a fully fledged company. With the establishment of new offices in different towns, they will manage to better monitor their clients from close by and inform them when there are new business opportunities. When handled property , this company will be very successful.


Recap of Latest Town Residential Report in The Aggregate

The latest issue of The Aggregate, Town Residential, New York’s quarterly report, has been released. At the close of 2015, price per square foot increased by a little over six percent at the beginning of 2015 at just over $1,000. The average price per square foot showed an increase of over 8 percent also from just over $1,000. The fourth quarter of 2015 saw an increase of 20 percent for the median sales prices at just over $1,700,000 of condos specifically in the Manhattan area on NYC apartments for rent on townrealestate. By the third quarter of 2015, the average price of the Manhattan co-ops rose by just over four percent from just over $1,200,000 to just over $1,272,000.

Andrew Heiberger, founder of Town Residential, has stated that all of the increases are due to a widened gap between sales of new home and apartment buildings and the re-sales of the ones already around. He has also stated that the area is finally seeing a stabilization in prices as marketers are finally adjusting their price expectations. President of Sales, Wendy Maitland has stated that due to the latest inventory, the market for 2016 is expected to present an array of opportunity for buyers. The inventory showed that there were just over 2,000 units under $2million, just over 1,000 units at up to $5million and on down to 493 luxury units at just over $10million.

Currently, Town Residential is one of the most luxurious living available in the entire state of New York. It currently has a team of over 630 agents and other professionals employed throughout New York City.

An Improved Chance Of Getting Housing In New York

New York is one of the best places that people can go to when they want to move to a big city. There are many ways that the market is great for people who want to live in the city but it was difficult in the past to be able to find a housing option that offers everything that you may want in your potential new home. The market, though, is about to go through major changes when it comes to the way that people shop for apartments and other housing options in New York real estate.

There have been countless articles published, but this article from The New York Times, talks about all of the ways that the New York housing market has changed and is going to change in the coming years. You can be sure that you will be able to find something that you love and that suits your budget in New York City in the near future. This is due to the fact that there have been housing options at an all time low and an increase in the number of housing options that are available for residents and potential residents of the city.

If you are going to find a home in New York City, you will need to use a real estate agent like Town Residential. This is a company that will allow you to decide what you want in a home and will give you the opportunity to find what you are looking for in the area of the city that you want. Real estate agents like the ones from Town Residential will be able to find homes that are at better prices than you would be able to find because they have the inside industry experience to get the prices down.

As a real estate agency, Town Residential works with you to ensure that you are getting the best for your home needs. They will take your list of requirements and create a list that they will be looking at for you. By doing this, they will ensure that they give you everything you want in your new home. They can also choose to help you with a budget and will be able to find housing options within your budget, no matter what it is for your home. If you are looking for a real estate agency, Town Residential can help you.

New York: Real Estate Boom Town

The newest reports from the New York City property development inventory are in, and there are items of interest across the board. Whether you are in the market to sell, buy, rent, or lease; whether it is an office, a condo, an apartment, a single family home, or an entire building, in Manhattan or Brooklyn, here is the news you need to know.

In Brooklyn, new development inventory has just seen half of its stock sold already, with only just over 500 apartments remaining for sale. This comes in as the dollar volume of multifamily homes has surpassed 1.7 billion dollars in the month of September.

For Manhattan news, one of the leading firms in New York City  real estate market, Town Residential, reports that sales across Manhattan are up. Town Residential is composed of agents with decades of prior real estate experience, and they have all seen first hand what the trends we are seeing now will mean down the line. The absorption rate in Manhattan dropped to 4.1 months in November, as Midtown and Midtown East paced the market in this decline. These two neighboring neighborhoods saw the most year-to-year decline in new development sales.

Seventy luxury contracts were signed in Manhattan during the first half of the month (priced $4 million and higher), the second best November open in a decade. Total multifamily unit sales grossed over $1.7 billion which is an increase of 97% in volume from the August numbers.

Midtown rents on 5th Avenue in the 40s are increasing, with asking rents up almost 15 percent this quarter. Power players in the market, like luxury residential and office specialists Town Residential, are advising clients to act accordingly in this market which is seeing strong growth as rents increase to over twelve thousand dollars a square foot.

In total, almost twenty-two million square feet of designated office space was signed into lease over the first three quarters of 2015. This is an important development for renters as well, as the increase in total units occupied in a building signals owners to offer more total services.

Thus the report that the third quarter vacancy rate for Manhattan remained hovering just under 9 percent means the market is strong, with no wild jumps in occupancy, despite the rise of the average rent up to over $71 per square foot.