Whitney Wolfe was born in 1989, and she is among the influential American entrepreneurs. She studied at the Southern Methodist University and majored in international studies. Wolfe entered the entrepreneur world at the age of nineteen while at college as she was selling bamboo tote bags, which were essential to communities inflicted by the BP oil spill. She joined Patrick Aufdenkamp a celebrity aiming to launch a non-profit organization called Help Us Project. The Bamboo bags she was trading were recognized worldwide after she took photos with Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie the celebrities. Wolfe started working in southern Asia orphanages after her graduation. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Currently, Wolfe is the co-founder of the Bumble the fastest developing social networking applications across the globe as well as its chief executive officer. Whitney Wolfe inaugurated Bumble in 2014 the sole dating forum where females made the first move since the network necessitates the connections of women to people they do not know each other. In 2016, Bumble inaugurated Bumble BFF the ally search feature and launched another Bumble Bizz for professional networking in 2017. Over a span of four years, Whitney Wolfe vision had come true since the App attracts about thirty-five million users across the globe in 144 states. In the Business Insider, she managed to be among the thirty most influential women under the age of thirty in 2014. Again, in 2017 and 2018, she was among the named under 30 women and in the Inc.; she was named the most influential Females to watch out.

Whitney Wolfe at the age of twenty-two joined Hatch Labs who introduced her in the startup Cardiff, the project that was under the leadership of Rad. Together with Rad, she joined the dating App Tinder and surprisingly became the vice president of the App. She was linked to the inception of the App, having the ideology from logo flame when she utilized tinder, the small sticks to lit fire at her father’s place. She left the company in 2014 and started the Bumble in December 2014, after a year, the App had about fifteen million users and approximately eighty million matches.

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George Soros Russia Ban

The George Soros and Russia Circus Continues.

The world is consistently getting treated to a circus of sorts. The circus puts the Russian government against hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist George Soros. These two parties have demonstrated bad blood in the public domain over the years.

The relationship got sour owing to ideological differences and has worsened over the years. To comprehend the situation, we would have to go back to 1979 when a successful George Soros ventured into philanthropy with the help of the Open Society Foundations.

The foundations formed networks with strategic partners all over the world and begun working on philanthropic projects aimed at promoting democracy, human right, education and social welfare. Among the pioneering works that George Soros and the OSF engaged in were the support of blacks in South Africa during the apartheid war and the rehabilitation of the defunct Eastern bloc after the fall of communism.

In the defunct Eastern bloc, George Soros facilitated cultural exchanges with western communities. The Open Society Foundations also set up camp in Northern Russia and Ukraine where they promoted peace, human rights, transparency and accountability in governance. While the Russian society seems to adjust to such ideas at a slow pace, the networks have still made progress, especially in Ukraine as Soros observes.

George Soros also happens to be a dedicated writer and author of best-selling books. All his scholarly work revolves around topics of interest to his career in investment banking, politics, economics, human rights, philanthropy and democracy. His writings are also published by major newspapers, journals and magazines around the world. One of his most controversial and headlining books, The Tragedy of the European Union was launched in 2014.

Throughout his work, George Soros has made damning observations about Russia, especially in the past decade. An example is a struggle it has with Ukraine. George cites the problems the conflict brings to the European Union. In fact, Russia is accused of contravening treaties and common laws and undermining the European Union. Back to the aggression against Ukraine, Soros writes to the western countries and the European Union to defend Ukraine and fund the Eastern nation.

Such strong sentiments seem to have put Russia on the defensive. The authorities hatched a plan to tame George Soros through his Open Society Foundations. Two pro-democratic groups have since fallen victim to a strategic ban imposed by the Office of the General Prosecutor in Russia. The two groups were accused of endangering the constitution and values of the land.

The ban took the world by surprise. The two OSF’s were denied the chance to defend themselves, but their official statement expresses their history and the collaborative effort with their Russian hosts. Following the ban, they have also appeared top on a stop list hence another operation to eradicate the projects in progress.

In other news, Russian authorities launched a ruthless operation on libraries in the Komi area that were beneficiaries of the Soros education initiative. The content of the books was pro-democratic in nature while others spread humanitarian ideals. A total of 500 books were rounded up an either burned or destroyed.

Those Who Want Love Or Friendship Can Find It On Skout

Who knew that online dating becomes more popular during the wintertime? Lauren O’Reilly of OkCupid was interviewed for an article listed in the Washington Post, and her suggestions on how people should approach the online dating world is very informative. Those dating in online networks should be careful of the type of pictures they share as well as post. It’s also a good idea to start off a conversation with something that is of interest to both persons as opposed to using pickup lines. Anyone who truly wants to get a date can take this advice and use it when they go to the Skout network.

Not everyone is knowledgeable about the Skout network, so it’s imperative that they get the information they need from a good source, other than hearing it from someone who may have never used the network before. Those who have never used the social media network or may already have a negative opinion about Skout would do best to go to someone who’s been on the network before or enjoys the network, even if they use it rarely. Skout has so many members that it’s named as one of the most popular social media networks and dating networks.

Skout doesn’t just allow people to talk to one another in an effort to become friends, but the Skout network allows people to date as well, which is one of the most popular features. Those that are looking to date on Skout have to start the same way as someone who is looking for a friend. Whoever goes on the Skout network needs to create an account in order to use the network. An account can be created very quickly, and it’s completely up to the owner of the account to decide if they want to add a picture to their account.

The fact is, people who add pictures to their profile are more likely to have success when looking for a date or friendships than those who don’t have a picture, but it’s still an optional process. Once a profile is created, and then the search can begin. The person using the account can start searching for someone they are interested in on the Skout network, whether it’s for friendship or a date. Those looking for dates may want to look in a certain city, which is easy to do because Skout has location services on the network.

The location services that Skout has available allows two people to know where they are in proximity to each other, and this helps those who are looking for people local to date. Even if a person is looking for friendship, proximity can also be a good tool to find out how close the person is and if a friendship is likely. Some don’t care how far the person is, and they’ll talk to anyone in any country at any time. The Skout network promotes friendship as well as love, so anyone who’s interested should join the Skout network.