Gregory Aziz

The steel car industry has never had the most reputable manufacturer like Gregory Aziz. The North America -based Gregory Aziz is the CEO of the exclusive National Steel Car companies. Aziz graduated from the Western University with a degree in commerce. He is an individual with an entrepreneurship spirit. Actually, before joining the National Steel car companies, he was a member in the family affiliated business dealing with food delivery in North America.

Unlike other incompetent CEOs, James Aziz is a diligent and innovative leader. In his 25th year at National Steel companies, he has collaborated with several foreign technologists and engineers to improve car production business. Even though he never completed his second degree due to political unrest, he has proofed to be a competent figure in the manufacturing of railway freight and tank cars. Alongside his achievements in the Steel Car industry, he has always encouraged people to explore their potential as well as being confident of their capabilities. James Azi is an inspiration to many individuals in the society.

Gregory Aziz has always been giving back to the community. Not in the History of North America that a CEO has actively been involved in raising the welfares of the less privileged in the society like Aziz’s case. James Aziz believes that the best way to help others is through the creation of job opportunities. In his position, he has managed to create thousands of jobs. Additionally, in his career, Aziz has offered sponsorship programs and charities to many people and organizations in North America; especially Poland. For instance, he is responsible for the following sponsorship; Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army among many others. Due to his kindness, people around him always show their support by attending the National Steel Car Christmas party held each year. However, it is not only a Christmas party but another program of promoting food drive for local food banks.

For close to 10 years now, the National Steel car has been in possession of the outstanding TT SECO highest quality award. Gregory Aziz has shown the world the highest commitment ever. In his leadership, he has worked tirelessly to improve car production from as little as 3,500 per year in 1994 to 12,000 per year in 1999. Lastly, as an entrepreneur, Greg Aziz is associated with numerous banking opportunities in New York City and Poland. The distinguished native speaker is still the leading railroad freight car tycoon in North America.