Revolutionary Education Start Up ClassDojo Unveils New Product and Completes Series C Fundraising

When Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo in 2011, they envisioned creating a product that would serve as an alternative and better platform for boosting communication between teachers, parents, and students. Their initial vision received $21 million in Series B fundraising several years ago, but the announcement last month of an additional $35 million raised through Series C funding places the company in an even stronger position for growth. It is not by pure chance that ClassDojo was selected to join Inc.’s list of 30 Under 30 back in 2015.

The company’s founders and 40 professionals listen to teachers when incorporating feedback into their app, and create ground-up change through their platform by making the classroom experience more interactive and inclusive for children and parents. This positive culture in classrooms and schools is reinforced by the app’s creative point system, which draws on technology to reward students for good behavior and pings parents about what their children are learning in school that day. By condensing the traditional “gold star” reward system for children who perform well in school and parent-teacher conferences into one interactive community, ClassDojo is able to foster a positive culture that is more modern in its approach to communication than existing systems. As such, it is understandable why more than 2 in 3 pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade schools utilize the platform on a daily basis. 

A new offering that puts ClassDojo ahead of its competitors and moves the company towards longer-term financial viability is the Beyond Learning add-on released in the fourth quarter of last year. While the ClassDojo core app is free of charge to its users, Beyond Learning is an optional subscription-based platform that includes tips for how parents can help their children build strong interpersonal skills like gratitude and kindness. These skills, usually not taught explicitly in school through lectures or graded curricula, are integral to children’s long-term success and happiness. The Beyond Learning subscription could be a huge step forward for creating positive classroom cultures by facilitating more nuanced interactions between parents and children, who in turn internalize positive behaviors and bring this knowledge to school.

The Advancement of Retro Technology

Technology is advancing all the time, with such new forms being virtual reality, augmented reality and electric cars. Communications is also advancing, with smartphones being in almost every single person’s hand, at least within the United States. When we think of advancements in technology we often times don’t think back to the past of older technology, such as email. But while some people consider email to be a thing of the past Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, has embraced it as a piece of technology that can be revised and updated for the current generation. When email was first being used it was a form of communication between two parties before there was a possibility of doing face-to-face video chat. Now platform such as Skype and ooVoo are very familiar resources for being able to communicate with family members over great distances. Bob Ryan decided that it would be a good idea to try to integrate email with video chat. His brainchild is Talk Fusion, not only a company but also the name of his best selling product. Talk to you soon as simple. Understand, you are simply given the option to make a video call within an email window. So all you are writing to someone, possibly a family member who is far away from you or even a colleague at work, you will always have the option to make a video call and speak to them directly. This makes communication not only easy but also much more informal and allows you to build relationships with these individuals easier.


One of the more interesting aspects of video chat is the ability to earn money while you talk. Every minute that you use on the video chat interface is logged into the Talk Fusion network, and you are able to earn monetization money through talking to people you know. You do have to pay an annual charge to use the services, but when you consider all the benefits that it provides, and the ability to earn money as you talk, there really is no downside. If you are interested in trying to talk Fusion out for yourself you can do a search for Talk Fusion or even Bob Reina. Learn more: