Securus Technologies: Reason Behind GovPayNet Acquisition

Securus Technologies has been working on different technologies which would assist the jail authorities in keeping peace and order inside the prisons. They are also working on inventions which would provide the prisoners a chance to speak with their loved ones outside the prison, although the whole phone call will be monitored by the jail authorities. One of the most remarkable inventions that were introduced by Securus Technologies is their video calling technology, which is considered as one of the fastest in the world. These video calling devices are installed inside the prison, and the inmates can freely use them if they still have credits left on their accounts. Securus Technologies has been doing a great business providing communication services to the inmates, but they thought that it is not enough. They wanted to expand their business, so they checked all the available companies for acquisition and decided that they would be acquiring GovPayNet next.



GovPayNet is a payment processing company, which is private and is independent from the government. GovPayNet has an online payment system where people can pay their all sorts of fines and fees imposed by the government. They can also pay their taxes through the GovPayNet website, and they only need to obtain their Payment Location Code, or PMC. The company was established in 1997 by a sheriff who wanted to organize the payment system for simple violations committed inside his county, and by working with IT professionals, they managed to create the GovPayNet system.



Securus Technologies thought that a business unit focusing in payment services will be a great addition to their expanding company. They have seen the potential of GovPayNet, and they know that with the current technology that they have on hand, the services provided by the payment processing company can be improved. Securus Technologies wanted to acquire the payment processing company to provide better services to the public.


How Securus Technologies is Helping with Cold Cases

Part of my duty as a fugitive task force hunter is to try and help to local police solve cold cases. This month the local authorities asked if my team could help collect evidence on a suspect who was involved in home burglaries but still free to commit crimes. He received a reduced sentence and the week he was released, those crimes spiked again. The case we needed help solving involved a home invasion where four family members were beaten and left in comas, but the evidence was weak so the case remained open.


Although the suspect was back on the streets and committing crimes again, he had a huge network of family and friends working to keep him off the radar. There was little chance of him being turned in or anyone offering up any tips to help with our investigation. Having no luck with informants, I decided to see if I was able to rattle a few cages down at the local prison.


Securus Technologies installed the call monitoring system in the jail that officers use to be able to hear certain chatter about things like weapons, crimes, and drugs. My plan was to let the inmates know I was asking around about our suspect, then see if anyone would run to the phones to give up any tips that could help with the investigation. Little did we know how resourceful this call monitoring system as going to ultimately be.


The system alerted officers of chatter from one inmate asking his family to reach out to the suspect about evidence not disposed of yet. Seems like this inmate was worried if something was found, it could tie him to our suspect. We sent the team to search the location, and discovered evidence that tied two to that cold case, allowing us to eventually bring two guilty suspects to trial.

Securus Technologies’ Newest Innovation

Investigators can now tell who speaks to inmates via telephone calls. This has been, following the latest release by Securus Technologies. It is among the telephone services providers to inmates. It majors in providing technological solutions, which help in the improvement of civil as well as criminal justice. I found their latest release the Investigator Pro 4.0 very intriguing. All that an investigator needs to do is to get a voice sample. The Investigator Pro will then search for all telephone conversations with that voice. This can be done for the inmate and the one being called. View the company profile on

Securus is optimistic that this will be a great step towards monitoring and avoiding crimes, which can be linked to inmates. The company has shown commitment to this narrative over the years.


As Michael Kester, the chief operating officer at JLG Technologies put it; the identification of parties by voice will help in bringing to light crimes and other unlawful acts before they actualize. The Investigator Pro can also identify other inmates who have called a certain party. Its ability to search for voices rather than phone numbers and PINs makes it more accurate. This ensures that even when someone uses a different number, the investigators will still keep track with ease.


Having its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves numerous agencies, which deal with law enforcement, correction, and public safety. It also serves approximately 1.2 million inmates in North America. Securus Technologies has also improved their customer services. They currently have the largest in-house call center. Calls to them are answered within an average of 11 seconds. This shows just how committed they are to their customers.


 Securus Technologies is committed to serving and connecting. They contribute to making our world safe in ways such as quick responses, giving information to the public, biometric analysis among others.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus is a New Way to File Grievances

Jails across the United States have many inmates who want to make complaints or grievances on a daily basis. These inmates submit their complaints to the correctional officers who then send the complaints to the members of the administration that they need to go to. They sometimes get lost in the process and this actually takes away precious time from the correctional officers who are expected to maintain both the security and the safety of the facility. It is a big problem in jails and is something that is causing problems for correctional officers who are no longer able to do the main function of their jobs.

Securus has come up with a solution: automated complaint forms. It is easier than having to hand complaints to employees of the jail and gets things done more easily for the people who need to make the complaints. The correctional officers do not have to be a part of the process and are, instead, able to focus on keeping the jail safe. They don’t have to waste their time collecting an average of around 13 complaints from inmates on a daily basis. This is something that will change the way that correctional officers are able to do their jobs.

It is important to note that it is all done through a kiosk. The inmate will submit their complaint on it and it will get sent to the proper member of the administration. It will go directly to their own ConnectUs account and will ensure that complaints and grievances don’t “slip through the cracks.” The inmates will be sure that they will get what they need out of the complaints. The administration will also directly receive these complaints so that they will be able to take the appropriate steps to handle the problem the inmate has.

Communication with Inmates Made Easy

Stringent prison regularities make it difficult for those who are outside to communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated. Visiting those who are jailed can also be expensive especially if the facilities are located far away and one is forced to make travel arrangements. A lot of time is also wasted. Securus Technologies saw this as an opportunity to introduce an application that allows inmate communication with their family and friends through video phone calls. 

This type of communication helps a convict feel loved and have a sense of involvement in whatever events their family and friends are taking part. All this happens while they are behind bars. To access the service, one only needs to download the application from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store on a mobile phone or tablet. Using cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, video calls can then be conveniently made. This saves funds that would have otherwise been spent making a real visit. Besides making inmate phone calls, the inmate can synchronize other details such as visit dates to the calendar and get notices as the dates draw close. 

Products and Services offered by the firm

The company provides emergency response, public information, inquiries, incident management, and inmate observation services among others. The communication products are Advance Connect, whereby customers open a prepaid account and make or receive calls from those held in jail. Video Visitation product offers subscribers the chance to converse with those incarcerated through video calls. This service is available on Android and Apple devices. A Jail Voicemail service is also offered so that inmates can share news with their family members even if they are unavailable at the time the call is made. This patented product is available at 1.99US dollars. All services offered by the firm are paid for by credit or debit card online.

Onsite Video Visitation is another service offered. This is basically the normal visits where communication with inmates is through a glass panel. In this case however, the visit can be planned early and set at the most appropriate time for the guest and the inmate. At-Home Visitation, another product, helps save time and money because no actual visits are made to the facility. No time will be spent waiting in queues and the visitor does not have to be subjected to any time limits by prison authorities. To access this service, one needs to open a Securus Online Account. If you need help with this service, click here to reach their customer service reps.