George Soros Continues To Discuss The Collapse Of The EU

George Soros has recently been discussing on Bloomberg TV the chances of a collapse of the European Union, which could result in a global economic crisis to rival that of 2009. The George Soros Website has published an interview conducted with the financial expert that details his views on the many problems the European Union is facing, which are currently headed by the migrant crisis; alongside the issues the migrant crisis is causing are the problems of debt in Greece and the Ukraine, plus the threatened Russian aggression against Europe, and the possible British exit from the European Union.
George Soros understands the problems the migrant crisis is causing for the European Union as he was himself a refugee following the Second World War, during which the Hungarian born Soros managed to survive the Holocaust. Soros agrees with the description of German Chancellor Angela Merkel by Time Magazine that she is now the leader of the Free World; the hedge fund manager believes Merkel became the leader of the Free World when Russia invaded parts of Ukrainian held Crimea and threatened the rest of the European Union. He remains critical of the leadership style of Angela Merkel for juggling the many European problems without finding a long term answer for any.

Russia is now causing the major problems that threaten the future of the European Union following the replacement of the rule of law with a rule of force as Russia looks to flood Europe with refugees from Syria. In recent months Russia has taken a far more dominant position in Europe prompted by economic problems that will soon affect President Vladimir Putin’s country, according to hedge fund expert George Soros. The financial expert often credited with causing the devaluation of the British pound in 1992 believes the best option for the EU to take is to seek a continent wide program for dispersing refugees to areas away from the poorer nations.

For George Soros the major issues facing Europe aside from the refugee crisis and Russian aggression are the debt problems and British exit from the continent; the Greek debt crisis has been a problem since 2009 and was mishandled from the beginning in the eyes of Soros. Greece will not flourish again as an economy until the country leaves the single currency of the Euro, but Soros believes it is of vital importance for the British to remain a part of the Union. British products are given preferential treatment within the European Union, but the country is not subject to being a member of the problematic single currency; Soros believes Britain only benefits from its membership of the European Union, but may vote to exit as the refugee crisis continues to cause concern.