Your Future Wedding May Involve These Technologies

Wedding planning usually consists of a variety of exhausting tasks, such as designing and sending out invitations, choosing which items to add to the registry, and trying on piles of dresses in order to find “the one” – which probably costs more than your monthly rent. As originally reported in Huffington Post, these tasks used to be hampered by malfunctioning technologies like inefficient in-store registry scanners, or technologies that previously did not exist: wedding websites, electronic invitations, and designer dresses for rent. Technology has come a long way in making wedding coordination simpler, but there are even more improvements around the corner.

Perhaps the most widely-applicable technology the article mentions is Slyce, which allows you to scan or photograph an item and receive immediate information about what that product is and where you can find it, or comparable items online.

Imagine the possibilities: you see the perfect bridesmaid dress in a magazine, but there’s no listed information about the brand or price. Slyce’s Universal Scanner technology would allow you to find that exact dress in seconds, or a similar dress within your price range. Or, say your cousin just bought a table lantern that would be perfect for your reception centerpieces. You can use Slyce to scan the lantern’s barcode, and find an online store to purchase more within seconds.

While planning a wedding can be time-consuming, finding the perfect decor does not have to be. New technologies are making things easier for soon-to-be brides and grooms, and this trend is likely to continue into the future.

Madison Street Capital Making A Name For Itself

Madison Street Capital is what people have been looking for based on a Bloomberg Business survey as a solution to their financial and business problems. Among other numerous services that the company offers, they have specialized in reorganization services. Having in mind that the great recession has had an immense impact on how businesses are conducting their affairs, Madison Street Capital is there to offer some of the solutions to these businesses. The recession has caused great turbulence to how businesses are conducted and has affected all manner of businesses regardless of their size. Generally speaking, both external and internal economic factors affect a business. They affect the operational and financial intricacies of a business which may, if caution is not taken, result in liquidation of the company. Madison thus provides a great solution to prevent this by preserving the businesses value while looking into the lenders and creditors interest.

Their experienced professionals provide solutions in organizational realignment of the business, workouts, loan restructuring and recoveries when it comes to crisis management. Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC are headquartered in Chicago but with offices in Africa, Asia and North America and has been operating as a private company. It was established and incorporated in 2011 in Illinois. It is put in the category of Unclassified Investors. It has done very well for itself having an estimated annual revenue of 130000. With its employees who are well experienced and known to deliver top most quality services, Madison sure has a promising future. It also believes in corporate social responsibility and is doing great at it. It has focused on creating stable and strong relationships with the communities around its area of operation.

Madison Street Capital released a youtube video and has partnered with United Way to create a difference in communities both locally and globally. The partnership creates long-term recovery facilities not just in the sector of education and health but also in providing financial stability. This happens in areas that have been affected and devastated because of the occurrence of different disasters. A fund created by United Way caters for this and one can donate for either general disasters of to specific states like North Carolina and Alabama. With its exceptional team, Madison Street Capital is definitely one of the world’s top most middle market firms according to It is an investment banking firm offering mergers & acquisition advisory services, corporate governance and finance, restructuring services and business valuation services among other services.

George Soros Is Chipping In To Encourage Latinos To Vote

The New York Times published an article recently by Nicholas Confessore and Julia Preston. The New York Times article discussed how several liberal donors, George Soros included, will be joining together and putting up 15 million dollars in order to create a campaign to encourage Immigrants to vote. Their goal is to use the anger of the people against the harsh words of some of the GOP candidates in a directed and productive way. They estimate that the outcome will be a large new lump of liberal voters. The article then went on to discuss how the campaign’s strategists were explaining how this will be the largest democratic effort for Latino and immigrant voter turnout ever. And they went on to say that the money will be sent to organizations in Florida, Nevada and Colorado. This is due to the quickly growing immigrant populations in these states and that they are states that will be important in both the senate and the presidential race.

The article then discussed more specifics of the campaign. It will be run by a new super PAC, Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The PAC has chosen to take a more obviously partisan stance. They want to both find already Democratic voters and close the swing voters. The goal that they have made for themselves is to get 400 thousand new democratic voters when November rolls around. There are many national pro-immigration groups who have teamed up with the super PAC. The Latino Victory Project is one. Their president explained to the New York Times that this is the necessary option in order to ensure safety for the immigrant community.

George Soros has been a long time supporter of the democratic party. In 2004, he donated 20 million dollars in an effort to not allow a second term for President Bush. He has also donated 8 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidency. Soros has so generously supported these candidates because he believes in how they lead. He strongly agrees with many of their stances and they tightly align with the principles of he charity, the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was formed in the late 1970s and it started out as an organization that helped those who were being oppressed. This included getting tuition to black students at the University of Cape Town during apartheid and providing xerox machines to dissidents in the Eastern Bloc under the communists. It slowly morphed into an organization that concentrated on pushing for three ideas. The first is having more open societies. The second is all individuals having more human rights. The third idea is more transparent governments.

The Global Economic Health Is Failing According To George Soros


George Soros wears several different hats, He in a hedge fund investor. He has established foundations all over the world that promote open societies, and he is an economic guru that often speaks about where the world is heading from a financial point of view. The eighty-five-year-old Soros doesn’t tell people what they want to hear. He gives them the facts based on research and insight. His latest prediction is the world is on the doorstep on a global recession, and there’s not much any country can do about it.

Soros backs up his prediction with solid evidence. The Hungarian-born Soros thinks China is pulling the world into a recession that will rival the 2008 meltdown. The stock market is having a tough time and even though it has rallied, Soros believes that the spike is only temporary. Soros thinks the fact that stocks soar to new heights and then plunge to panic-induced lows on any given day is a sign that things aren’t right in the corporate world.

But Soros thinks people are overlooking the root of the stock market’s volatility. It’s not the risky financial practices like in was in 2008 or the underlying weakness of the economy that is driving the United States and other countries toward the edge of a recessionary cliff. It’s the scared traders that have their hands on the panic button this time. Soros points to the U.S. stock index going up by more than 300 points after dropping to the second-lowest bottom in two years hour before the spike.

Stock volatility as well as the weak international economic backdrop especially in China and other Asian and South American countries has some economic analysts, monetary policy officials, and consumers scratching their heads. But George Soros is not one of those head-scratchers.

But there is an element of fear surrounding stock market fluctuations around the world, and the economic indicators that have cropped up since the beginning of 2016. Both of those signs have sent a bolt of uncertainty as well as second-guessing into the minds of investors.

But Mr. Soros thinks investors should be looking at the international production behemoth that posted the worst economic growth in 25 years in 2015 as proof of the pending recession. All eyes and ears should be on China and the fact that what the Chinese government is saying is not the reality they are immersed in. China is going to throw the world into a global recession. Mr. Soros is betting against China’s currency and other big hedge fund investors are doing the same thing. Those big-time investors know an epic slowdown is coming, and they are going to make money in spite of it.

The Growth of Organo Gold

Coffee is a product that is often regarded a unique product that not only provides a much needed energy boost, but also a delicious taste that is welcomed in the early hours of the morning or in the afternoon. Coffee, in addition to having a unique taste is often regarded as an inelastic product that cannot be substituted for anything else. Coffee is a unique product that can be consumed in a number of different ways whether it be cold or hot. Coffee can be enjoyed during the hot days of the summer or even during the cold early morning hours during the winter.

With the exponential growth of the coffee product, more and more people are looking for new ways to consume coffee. One particular niche that has been created is the combining of a healthy and delicious taste. One company in particular that has been successful in promoting a healthy cup of coffee is that of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a company that was created in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, a Filipino businessman. Bernardo Chua created Organo Gold with the help of his extensive knowledge and experience in both the business industry as well as the multilevel marketing industry. Bernardo Chua creates this delicious product that is based around his special secret ingredient that promotes healthy living.

This special ingredient is called Ganoderma has has even been dubbed as the “king of herbs”. Ganoderma has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years and has cured countless ailments including high blood pressure, sleep related ailments, and even stress. Now with the combination of Ganoderma and Organo Gold, consumers praise this brand for the several health benefits that the product provides. One particular health benefit is weight loss that is done through increasing the oxygen levels within the body. In addition to weight loss, Organo Gold also controls inflammation in the body, enhances the immune system, and even detoxes the entire body free of harmful ailments.

What makes Organo Gold a popular company is not only the health benefits, but also the delicious taste of the product. Bernardo Chua has created a unique company that not only has an excellent product, but allows anyone to join the Organo Gold team. The only requirement to be a part of the Organo Gold team is to love the product and be able to sell the product with the passion that Bernardo Chua has for the product.

George Soros Continues To Discuss The Collapse Of The EU

George Soros has recently been discussing on Bloomberg TV the chances of a collapse of the European Union, which could result in a global economic crisis to rival that of 2009. The George Soros Website has published an interview conducted with the financial expert that details his views on the many problems the European Union is facing, which are currently headed by the migrant crisis; alongside the issues the migrant crisis is causing are the problems of debt in Greece and the Ukraine, plus the threatened Russian aggression against Europe, and the possible British exit from the European Union.
George Soros understands the problems the migrant crisis is causing for the European Union as he was himself a refugee following the Second World War, during which the Hungarian born Soros managed to survive the Holocaust. Soros agrees with the description of German Chancellor Angela Merkel by Time Magazine that she is now the leader of the Free World; the hedge fund manager believes Merkel became the leader of the Free World when Russia invaded parts of Ukrainian held Crimea and threatened the rest of the European Union. He remains critical of the leadership style of Angela Merkel for juggling the many European problems without finding a long term answer for any.

Russia is now causing the major problems that threaten the future of the European Union following the replacement of the rule of law with a rule of force as Russia looks to flood Europe with refugees from Syria. In recent months Russia has taken a far more dominant position in Europe prompted by economic problems that will soon affect President Vladimir Putin’s country, according to hedge fund expert George Soros. The financial expert often credited with causing the devaluation of the British pound in 1992 believes the best option for the EU to take is to seek a continent wide program for dispersing refugees to areas away from the poorer nations.

For George Soros the major issues facing Europe aside from the refugee crisis and Russian aggression are the debt problems and British exit from the continent; the Greek debt crisis has been a problem since 2009 and was mishandled from the beginning in the eyes of Soros. Greece will not flourish again as an economy until the country leaves the single currency of the Euro, but Soros believes it is of vital importance for the British to remain a part of the Union. British products are given preferential treatment within the European Union, but the country is not subject to being a member of the problematic single currency; Soros believes Britain only benefits from its membership of the European Union, but may vote to exit as the refugee crisis continues to cause concern.

Communication with Inmates Made Easy

Stringent prison regularities make it difficult for those who are outside to communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated. Visiting those who are jailed can also be expensive especially if the facilities are located far away and one is forced to make travel arrangements. A lot of time is also wasted. Securus Technologies saw this as an opportunity to introduce an application that allows inmate communication with their family and friends through video phone calls. 

This type of communication helps a convict feel loved and have a sense of involvement in whatever events their family and friends are taking part. All this happens while they are behind bars. To access the service, one only needs to download the application from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store on a mobile phone or tablet. Using cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, video calls can then be conveniently made. This saves funds that would have otherwise been spent making a real visit. Besides making inmate phone calls, the inmate can synchronize other details such as visit dates to the calendar and get notices as the dates draw close. 

Products and Services offered by the firm

The company provides emergency response, public information, inquiries, incident management, and inmate observation services among others. The communication products are Advance Connect, whereby customers open a prepaid account and make or receive calls from those held in jail. Video Visitation product offers subscribers the chance to converse with those incarcerated through video calls. This service is available on Android and Apple devices. A Jail Voicemail service is also offered so that inmates can share news with their family members even if they are unavailable at the time the call is made. This patented product is available at 1.99US dollars. All services offered by the firm are paid for by credit or debit card online.

Onsite Video Visitation is another service offered. This is basically the normal visits where communication with inmates is through a glass panel. In this case however, the visit can be planned early and set at the most appropriate time for the guest and the inmate. At-Home Visitation, another product, helps save time and money because no actual visits are made to the facility. No time will be spent waiting in queues and the visitor does not have to be subjected to any time limits by prison authorities. To access this service, one needs to open a Securus Online Account. If you need help with this service, click here to reach their customer service reps.

Talk Fusion is Easy to Use

I have discussed the concept of video communication across the board with people from different professions, and just about everyone agrees that Talk Fusion is among the best in video communication software. I believe that most adults in the workplace are impressed with the fact that Talk Fusion gives them the ability to create customized video emails. Most of the other things that this company does like online video hosting and videoconferencing is not new, but the video email concept is a mind blowing communication software tool.

There are a large number of people that have become interested in what Talk Fusion does because it is very easy to use. When it comes to technology there are a lot of people that want the easy road. They’re not interested in trying to figure out complicated steps that will delay the process. To the contrary, people that want to use this software are going to be interested in programs that they can simply buy and start trying within a couple moments after they have made their purchase.

It worked very well for me because I am in charge of an IT division. I’m not interested in getting any type of software that is going to take a a lot of training for the end-users. That is why I actually prefer Talk Fusion in the workplace. It was easy for me to bring this product to my supervisor because it is innovative, but is also very affordable.

Talk fusion has really a hit in our office because there are people that are in charge of the monthly newsletters. In the past I’m not sure how well the newsletter was received, but I can only assume that a personalized video message from the company president each month is received much better than the previous emails that did not have any video.

Many people that work in our office are fans of the video conferencing software that is available. This is
easier for me as an IT administrator because I don’t have to download any type of plugin to make this video conferencing work.

The founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Watch him discuss Talk Fusion below and check him out on Facebook!

There Are Ways to Make Those Carbohydrates You Eat Better for You


Carbohydrates always get a bad rap for making us gain weight, but according to Sergio Cortes our bodies do need some of them to function normally and be healthy. Ideally, we should exercise regularly to burn off excess carbs, but there are also things we can do when eating carbs to reduce any negative effects from them such as the spike in blood sugar they are known to cause. Eating more whole grains is the most frequently recommended way to get our carbohydrates in a healthier manner. When eating whole wheat bread or brown rice instead of the white varieties of these two staples, the body takes more time to break them down, which is good news for our waistlines.

As pointed out in a recent article in, there are also things we can do in terms of how we prepare and eat our carbs that can help to reduce any negative effect from them. For instance, cooking rice in coconut oil and then letting it cool can reduce the calories from it by half. Another tip is to eat bananas slightly unripe as they take longer for the body to break down. Leftover and reheated pasta has also been found to have a smaller effect on increasing blood sugar as compared to when it is freshly prepared. A few tips like these, with more in the aforementioned article, can make a major change in how carbs impact our bodies while helping us stay healthier and stave off dreaded weight gain.

Sergio Cortes On The Road To Save Xerem

Xerem Brazil has been affected by floods for the past week, and many people are relocating to stay at the municipal shelters. The state government has also initiated a dengue hydration center which has been running on Sunday with the ability to serve the capacity of 300 persons in a day. Sergio Cortes visited the area on Sunday to analyze the situation. Sergio is a professional doctor and the state secretary of health. He is concerned about the health safety in the area as the area seems to have a lot of garbage all over and can be breeding sites for mosquitoes that will lead to dengue outbreak in the area.

Sergio Cortes was Chilean tennis player, and his best win was beating the words number one Magnus Larsson at the Olympic champions in Florida. In addition, he is a former secretary of Rio de Janeiro. However, his service to the state is now his great concern. From a meeting in the municipality, the health secretary agreed that another safety kit is provided and 3000 antibiotics to arm the resident against leptospirosis. Sergio and the health department in the state department have been on their toes to prevent more outbreaks in Xerem. The floods are feared to bring contagious infections with the likes of hepatitis A and diarrhea from contaminated water and an aftermath of rainfall the dengue. People with homesteads around the area have been advised against taking unbolted water.

The infections are more waterborne, and Cortes is asking for more donations from well-wishers most especially bottled water. This is according to an article published in Extra . However the team is up for daily disinfection of water, and the department of health is recommending many more to disinfect the water regularly. Sergio Cortes has also been on the recommendations to train more people around the area to be able to detect early symptoms of the diseases and cure them early enough before they spread to other persons in the area. The residents of Xerem should also remember to disinfect even the water in their tanks.

Sergio has been very touched with the spreading of zika across countries in Asia and parts of America. Cortes is also urging people on exame.abril to report zika cases immediately to avoid outspread. The main symptoms of Zika are fever and mild joint pains. Many researchers have been trying to come up with the vaccine for zika, but it might take years as Sergio thinks. His professional experience moves him to help the affected people and preventing the outbreak to avoid a disease crisis. One is free to follow Sergio Cortes on Twitter @ dr_sergiocortes and on linked in as sergio-cortes.