New York: Real Estate Boom Town

The newest reports from the New York City property development inventory are in, and there are items of interest across the board. Whether you are in the market to sell, buy, rent, or lease; whether it is an office, a condo, an apartment, a single family home, or an entire building, in Manhattan or Brooklyn, here is the news you need to know.

In Brooklyn, new development inventory has just seen half of its stock sold already, with only just over 500 apartments remaining for sale. This comes in as the dollar volume of multifamily homes has surpassed 1.7 billion dollars in the month of September.

For Manhattan news, one of the leading firms in New York City  real estate market, Town Residential, reports that sales across Manhattan are up. Town Residential is composed of agents with decades of prior real estate experience, and they have all seen first hand what the trends we are seeing now will mean down the line. The absorption rate in Manhattan dropped to 4.1 months in November, as Midtown and Midtown East paced the market in this decline. These two neighboring neighborhoods saw the most year-to-year decline in new development sales.

Seventy luxury contracts were signed in Manhattan during the first half of the month (priced $4 million and higher), the second best November open in a decade. Total multifamily unit sales grossed over $1.7 billion which is an increase of 97% in volume from the August numbers.

Midtown rents on 5th Avenue in the 40s are increasing, with asking rents up almost 15 percent this quarter. Power players in the market, like luxury residential and office specialists Town Residential, are advising clients to act accordingly in this market which is seeing strong growth as rents increase to over twelve thousand dollars a square foot.

In total, almost twenty-two million square feet of designated office space was signed into lease over the first three quarters of 2015. This is an important development for renters as well, as the increase in total units occupied in a building signals owners to offer more total services.

Thus the report that the third quarter vacancy rate for Manhattan remained hovering just under 9 percent means the market is strong, with no wild jumps in occupancy, despite the rise of the average rent up to over $71 per square foot.

Organo Gold Highlights the Ganoderma with Worldwide Success

In recent years, people all over the world have found that by taking better care of their health by eating more nutritious foods, they look and feel much better. The fast-paced life that millions lead is proven to cause stress, depression, obesity and many other diseases and people are looking for simple, nutritious ways to improve their health. Many diseases are caused by eating fast food and foods filled with preservatives, but Bernardo Chua has found a super food that is changing the way people purchase and use natural products.

The Birth of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and founder of Organo Gold, a multi-level networking company based in British Columbia. In 2008, Mr. Chua took a product he grew up eating in the Philippines called the Ganoderma mushroom and infused it in the organic coffees and teas that he began Organo Gold with, and inspiring story that he’s told on his blog before. The mushroom has its roots in Chinese Medicine, and his mother used it in his childhood. Today, he is so dedicated to spreading the news of this amazing “super mushroom” that he developed Organo Gold around it.

Using a Direct Sales Approach in Marketing Nutritional Products

Organo Gold is an exclusive networking company that is now in 39 countries worldwide. The Ganoderma is packed with more nutrients than even the tropical super fruits grown in the islands, and Mr. Chua has a passion for taking it out of Asia and promoting it to the western world, with a new expansion just going into Turkey.

Bernardo Chua has been planning and strategizing to reach this goal since he was a young man, and he emphatically chose a multi-level networking strategy to accomplish it. His first company was called Gano Excel, which he used to fine-tune the direct marketing distributorship system. In 2013, Organo Gold had over 1,000 distributors with more being added every day. Organo Gold now stands as the 55th networking company worldwide out of the thousands of direct sales companies across the globe.

Products in Organo Gold

Eager to develop a company that would take Ganoderma and its phenomenal success in the Asian market to the next level, Mr. Chua built Organo Gold around the super mushroom. He chose rich Columbian coffees and herbal teas, which he then infused with high-quality Ganoderma that he has specifically grown and manufactured. Over the past eight years, he has added only the finest natural supplements and natural skin products, but his main focus still remains on the spectacular nutrients and benefits of the Ganoderma.