What makes OSI Food Solutions exceptional?

OSI Food Solutions is a top production food supplier in the United States. It is one of the companies that has done a great job of ensuring that food products reach to every corner of the globe. If you are interested in running a successful business today, you must consider doing something that others have not done. This is one of the reasons why OSI is a highly successful company. It is a company that positions itself as the leader in the food production business. While others are struggling to copy what is being done, OSI is coming up with its unique innovations which makes their business operations independent and unpredictable by competitors.

OSI Food Solutions has been one of the companies that have done a great deal of work in creating a food chain where every consumer has access to products that meet their taste and preferences. When it comes to matters of satisfying the palate, no company does it better than OSI. They have qualified teams of product development professional and test kitchens where testing and development of new products is done before they are released to the public.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that has received recognition from different professional bodies for its role in protecting the environment. Recently, it was awarded the Globe of Honour for adopting production methods that meet protect the environment from harmful emissions. In one of the newly constructed production facility, the company managed to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent after adopting energy efficient production systems. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Food Solutions is currently focusing its resources towards the expansion of businesses operations. Already, OSI has carried out an expansion work in its facility in Toledo. In this facility, 22,600 square feet has been added and will ensure that the production capacity for chicken products is improved. There has been an increase in the demand for chicken products in Spain and Portuga; and as a result, the company had to increase the production of chicken products by double. Now the facility is producing 24,000 tons as opposed to the previous 12,000 tons annually.